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  1. another 4.0L high idle thread

    So I'm still dealing with a high idle issue in my ranger. Threw on a new IAC, no fix. I checked for vacuum leaks the best I could, no prevail. I replaced the upper intake manifold gasket, still idles high at right around 2k rpm. but get this,,,, When I unplug the IAC, the idle drops to 750-1100...
  2. master cylinder swap

    Long story short, I swapped in some 60's under the old ranger, put half ton Chevy calipers on them, ran all new lines and hoses and had excellent brakes but the master cylinder blew out on me I THINK, so why not upgrade to something more powerful. I figure one from a 95 up explorer would do the...
  3. new slave, no pedal

    Is the absolute best way to bleed the master cylinder on a bench? Or can it be done in the truck by some means? I've gotten air in the system, terribly bad and I cannot get it to leave by just pumping the clutch. I have no slave movement what so ever, but a steady stream of fluid, thats what...
  4. Fuel pump

    Could some one please explain to me why for a super cab ranger fuel pump at the zone is a different part number than a regular cab? Both selected for the 4.0L and the reg cab one is 15 bucks cheaper, Not that I'm cheapin out, but I'm just curious to what the heck the difference would be.
  5. frame crush zone

    Anyone have any pics of how they strengthened the front of the frame where its crinkled to take the impact of an accident? I"m building shackle mounts on that area and i would feel much better if it were not full of holes. thanks.
  6. best tank to use

    Please move into the correct forum if necessary. I need a good idea for a gas tank to use on my ranger build up. I'm moving it into the bed and the long ass 20 gallon just isnt going to cut it. i'm looking for a 16ish gallon, more squared off tank but cant decide on what to use. Also, i would...
  7. 4.0 with bII tank

    I wanna use a bII gas tank between the frame rails under the bed in the back for space issues on my swap. Question is, neglecting fuel level readings, will a 4.0 fuel pump work on that tank? I would just skip it and wire in a bII pump, but for the price and chance it might not work for w/e...
  8. 95 explorer purchase

    I'm thinking of buying this 95 exploder for 200 bucks. Its got 140k miles, auto and 4.0 but no rear end, however i happen to have a spare 8.8 just lying around. Trouble is, it wont start and i'll tell you why. It was rolled over but its worth having for a beater but thats not the point. Point...
  9. still high idle

    Ok, so I have the normal high idle issue, and to make this short, I thought I found the fix by swapping the plenum intake for reasons that didnt help anyways. Well I found that the vaccum line going into the throttle body, where the butterfly valve is, the line was broken. This line goes into...
  10. 4.0 with np435

    just curious and i never thought about it till just now. Can a 4.0 push a 435 with a 205 behind it and dana 60's? I would assume yes because of the gearing of the 435 and 410's in the diffs, but I was just wondering.
  11. Plenum gasket

    so, i bought a upper intake plenum gasket tonight, for 9 bucks, felpro from advance auto. Only problem is, I received two gaskets, which are IDENTICAL, so do they just give you an extra, or would this be for the bottom of the fuel rail?
  12. Intake/fuel rail gaskets

    Where to buy? Hows the zone? Advance? Napa? Dealer item only? I know you can get them at all these places, my concern is quality, this is not something I plan on doing again for the life of the motor. Also, how do you know if the fuel rail gasket is bad? You know, the one where you need an e7...
  13. m50d r1 crossmember

    The cross member for the 5 speed mazda tranny is a perfect fit for the swap i'm doing. However, can it support the weight of a np435+np205? I will certainly have a torque mount for the 205, and all i need to do to mount the stock 5speed cross member is move it forward 4 inches and drill out 4...
  14. swapping b2 gas tank

    I'd like to swap in a b2 gas tank because i'm relocating my fuel to the bed and the 20 gallon ranger tank is just too big. My question is, can I use my 4.0 sending unit in the stock b2 tank? If not, can the 2.9 FP, support the 4.0?
  15. Pcv valve

    Well it just so happens the 90* elbow coming outta the intake rusted through, which gave me a vacuum leak, so, I had one from another motor lying around and when I went to pull the rusted one outta the plenum, it broke off flush to the plenum. :yahoo: Any frickin idea on how I should or can...
  16. blown up 4.0

    Just curious to see who here has blown-up a 4.0, preferably an OHV engine. I've seen these last many moons and then some not see 100k. If you blew one up, how'd you do it? I searched and found nothing on the topic.
  17. air charge temp sensor

    Quick question, if this sensor was potentially damaged, what would be the effected? How would the the motor react?
  18. rancho waggy 44044 leaf springs

    Where to buy? Who ever sells ranchos anymore? I did find them on auto anything for 200 a side but thats just crazy. Rubcion express is cheaper than that for yj springs. Anywho if anyone knows pass it on please, thanks.
  19. a/c compressor

    maybe this belongs here, maybe not. what type of compressor are in our trucks? I know they are scroll, but are they hermetic? only reason i'm asking is hermetic compressors used the refrigerant to cool them and my coolant is totally gonzo, I had an accident and took the line off the compressor...
  20. over sized clutch

    long story short, I need a 10" diameter disk with a 1-3/8", ten spline input. I can get a custom disk made, but its gonna cost me. I found out hays has an 11 inch disk in exactly what I need. One: Can I not just throw the 11" on and be done with it or will the pressure plate not fit now because...