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  1. Mustang wheels on a Ranger

    ...these Mustang wheels have a 30mm offset and the stock offset for a 1999 Ranger is 55mm. 55mm = 2.165" 30mm=1.18" ...that would indicate to me that I need a 1" spacer. Is that correct? The wheels are available for $30. for the 4
  2. adding different horns

    99 Ranger XLT I have the horn set from a 94 Buick Roadmaster. 4 horns 2 each side. 4 different tones 50 db each. How would they wire to the truck? Is there a need for a second relay?
  3. vacuum ports

    got a 99 3.0l xlt. there are 2 vac ports on top front of intake manifold. they are open with no hose connection. What are they for?
  4. explorer overhead console in a 99 XLT

    i recently came "back from the dark side"( sold my Nissan Pathfinder and have a 99 XLT 4 door). I'm wanting to install an overhead console. Any thoughts?
  5. roll pan for a '94

    I found a fiberglass roll pan for CHEAP. It is listed for an 89 or 90... ad says not sure for 93-94. Anybody know if it would work on a '94 std cab?
  6. makin' my truck horny...!

    I NEED to install these horns on my std cab '94 Ranger. Can anyone offer a novice some elec./wiring recommendations AND possible a location. They sound like a train but as you can see there are 4 units!
  7. '94 Ranger bench seat to '93 mustang seats!

    OK...94 xl with std cab and bench seats. I have a set of '93 mustang hatch back seats and want to install. Should everything line up and fit with the drilling of holes for the interior track...INPUT needed!
  8. '94 xl with no tilt!

    Has anyone changed a non tilt steering col. to a tilt? I have a tilt one available for $30. and would like to give it a try! Any thought?
  9. 94 ranger with mustang wheels.

    These are 16" wheel and the ranger has been lowered slightly. Will there be a fitment problem that anyone might be aware of?
  10. '99 stang wheels on a '94 Ranger

    I have the opportunity to buy these "wheels and tires" for $85 for all. They are listed as 5 bolt. tire size 215/60/15. Can't find anything on setback or fitment of these to a '94 2wd Ranger. Any help available?
  11. HIGH performance 2.5l

    I would like to make a 2.5l ranger a better performer than stock. Where does one look for different motors(not V-8) that will fit? I will be working with a 98 or 99 model year. example:T-bird super coupe or dohc etc.
  12. 2000 3.0 V6 to 4.0 V6

    Is it possible to swap in a 4.0 V6 to a 3.0l truck or what kind of performance upgrade are possible to a 3l? Found 2000 EC, auto,3.0 200k miles @ $2K.
  13. Mustang seats

    Recent purchase of '94 Ranger STX, even got the cute graphics and found mustang seats...where can I look for issues that will be presented when installing seats.
  14. '91 Mustang GT seats into a '93 Ranger.

    I need to replace the seats in a '93 Ranger. Have access to seats from '91 Mustang GT. Colors is right and all mounting hdwe is available. What is involved in the installation?
  15. lowering shocks...?

    mine is 1st G, E Sport w/ 302, 17" bullit wheels, 4w disks, 8.8 w/3:73, wc t5. Lowere 2" can't find the right length shock. Anyone...Anything?????
  16. 1st Gen. E Sport project...

    I think I'm new to posting on this forum. I have been on a Veteran's forum and am used to the user interface there. Just sayin'..., probably some user errors here. Here's the deal...I'm kind of stuck with a project that I can't get rid of AND can't get finished! The perfect storm for a guy...
  17. '91 Exploder w/ 5.0...

    I'm new to this forum and I think there is help available here to help finish my project. So far the project is as follows: 1st Gen. ('91) Explorer Sport, 2" STEEDA lower, 302 w/ gt40P heads, Explorer intake, 1.6 Roller Rockers, FRP headers, custom exhaust, '97 GT interior, Mustang Bullit...