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  1. DCman

    2.5L ('98-'01) Hard starting

    So I posted before about my engine having problems and it turned out to be a bad MAF sensor, which I changed out and now am able to drive the truck again. However, I noticed that it was very hard to start when I was diagnoising the problem. Now, its easier to start, but I still have to crank it...
  2. DCman

    2.5L ('98-'01) Intermittent throttle. Can't drive it....Issue now rectified.

    Hi guys, So I own this '98 XL with 2.5 and 5-speed. She's been a good runner since I snagged it in 2012, but last spring, I went to start it up and it idles fine, but when you give it the gas she usually dies. If I mash the pedal to the floor, she'll keep running, but then all I get out of the...
  3. DCman

    How Do!

    Hi guys. I've owned a '98 Ford Ranger XL, 5 speed, 2.5L engine since 2012. Truck's been a pretty fair runner. Not as impressed with this one as I was with my old '89 B2200, but at least this one likes to run on the freeway and it gets a little better fuel mileage, so I can't complain too much...