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  1. 2012 F150 fog light mod

    Hello all. When I had my 2011 Ranger I wired up my fog lights to stay on with the high beams. Has any one done this to the 2012 F150? Any ideas where I can find this info? I have been searching the web for some bit. igiveup
  2. Rewie XFM Antenna

    Hello I have a 2011 Ranger and I would like to rewire the XFM antenna to a stand alone unit. So what I want is use the truck OEM with my stand alone unit. Has anyone tried this yet? Lets hear your ideas on this. I have no problems rewiring it, just want it to look good. The reason I did not...
  3. 2007+ Ford Ranger Fog Light Modification did not work for me

    Hello I did this last nite to my truck. http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/spring2009/foglight_mod.htm and it did not work the first time. I had to leave the brown wire conected. As soon as I reattached the brown wire the lights worked perfect. Any one else had this problem? Could...
  4. My 2011 FX4 Ranger

    Hi all I just pick this jem up last nite from the dealership. Fully loaded FX4 Ranger with a 5 speed manual. I love my new truck. If anyone one whats to buy 2 B2s or a 88 Stang drop me a line. I have no room for them. igiveup
  5. Show your 08 or newer 4X4 Ranger Lifted

    Hello As some of you know I am looking for a FX4 or Sport 08 or newer. Show me what you have so I can copy. Out of 30 od them I have only found one that was stick. igiveup
  6. Show your 08 or newer 4X4 Ranger

    Hello As some of you know I am looking for a FX4 or Sport 08 or newer. Show me what you have so I can copy. Out of 30 od them I have only found one that was stick. igiveup
  7. Difference between 08-09 FX4 and Sport 4X4

    Hi all I am looking at 08-09 Sport 4X4 and the FX4. What are the major differences are? igiveup
  8. Gravity bleed clutch

    Hello Can you gravity bleed a clutch? I just want to put new fluid in. Its a 88 B2. igiveup
  9. 5 speed wont shift

    Hello I have a 88 B2 with a 5 speed in it. When the cold hit a couple of weeks ago I lost 1,2,5 and reverse. Now that its above freezing it shifts good. Not sure if its a fm145 or fm146. Any ideas? This will be my first 5 speed that I have worked on. Also the clutch might be going if...
  10. TRS on Trucks

    Hello Hey Jim your site was just talked about on Trucks on Spike TV. igiveup
  11. Ford brake controllers for 06 F150

    Hello I was thinking of getting a used Ford brake controller for my 06 F150. It works with Anti sway and ABS on the truck. So I called Ford since they have to turn it on in ECM. For 5 minutes of work they want $130-$240. What a rip off. Its hard to buy Ford parts when they charge that much to...
  12. Bigger tires

    Hello My 85 has stock suspension. Will 31s fit under? If not what do I have to do for 2" body lift? Will I need to extend any thing? igiveup
  13. Edmonton Ab. Jan 30 2010

    Hello Any body want to go and play in the snow on Jan 30? It will across from walmart and 184st. It starts at Noon. igiveup
  14. My new B2

    Hello I just got another B2. It an 88 2.9l speed with a 1350 transfer case. Comes with a winch, Air Ride air bags and other goodies. Here are some pics. Future plans are to rip apart the 88 and transplant it into the 85. igiveup
  15. Different years of valve sizes (4.0l)

    Hello On my 97 heads I have 1 burnt valve. I have some 90-93 heads and I'm wondering if the valves are the same size? igiveup
  16. Installed E-Fan on 85 B2

    Hello I need to replace my cooling fan since the clutch was shot. I use a e-fan from a dodge mini van(free). So here it is. I used a relaybox with a diode from a 94 Areostar. Also installed a 3 way switch so I could have off/low/high for my fan. igiveup
  17. Difference in A4ld Torque Converters

    Hello Does any one know the difference in torque converter between a 85 2.8l A4LD and 94 4.0l A4ld. Ford has different part numbers for them. igiveup
  18. About wiring up A4ld OD without computer

    Hello How does the tourque converter solenoid work. Does it power up to shut down the tourqe converter or power down? At the moment my 85 B2 is wired up brake switch to solenoid to ground. So when I press the brakes a lite on my dash lites up telling me there is power going to the...
  19. Back Window Broken on my T-Bird

    Hello I gave my wife my T-Bird and she loves the car. So today while she is running around with our daughter a rock flys out of a dump truck bounces on the road and takes out my back window with the kid sitting in the back and shatters my back window. Call around for a new one and they want...
  20. 94 dodge v6 stumbling

    Hello I finally got my work van from the company that I work for. The problem is that It will run great then it looses all power and starts to stumble. Full tune up has been done. It has new cam and crank sensors. Fuel filter was change but it had a 1/2 tank that was 4 months old so I...