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  1. strugbus

    Nice Amazon bumper! Affordable offroad clone?

    I picked up a bumper off Amazon which really kicked off my whole overlander project a while back. As I've delved more into the ranger world again I've found that it's either affordable offroad's bumper or maybe a clone. It's a screaming deal though and I thought I would share, I am impressed...
  2. strugbus

    For Sale Parting out 2003 4.0 4x4 supercab

    The bed, tailgate, rear lights and rear axle are gone. I'll get pics up in a bit. No title, so parts only.
  3. strugbus

    Lifting without breaking the bank? What are my options?

    Reaching out to get some insight from others on doing my lift. I'm looking to lift my ranger which is a rwd 2.3l. Right now I'm looking at possibly piecing together my own lift kit but would love more input from others on this. I'm looking to add about 5.5" of lift and move from my 32.5's to...
  4. strugbus

    Woah Black Betty, the Danger Ranger!

    So my wife and I have had our 2004 2.3l 5 speed since 2008 when I traded a wrecked motorcycle for it. She's been very good to us but looked rough when we got her. 10 years of hard use did not do her many favors. Early last year she blew the clutch slave cylinder and sat unmoving for a year. It...
  5. strugbus

    Long time listener, first time caller

    Hi all, I've been browsing this forum off and on for the decade I've owned my little 2.3l rwd ranger. I recently started building it out as an overlander for multi day off-grid climbing trips and though I'd share the build and progress here for fun! I'm excited to post some pics, if you've been...