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  1. Primosboy

    1987 Ranger 4x4 - My 1st Truck

    That's interesting. I can see why getting rid of the reservoir makes sense. I've had issues with those in the past. I'll have to look into that kemso thing. So in my experience it's the in tank pump that goes out first. You're saying the inline one goes out commonly too? Hmm
  2. Primosboy

    1987 Ranger 4x4 - My 1st Truck

    That's so weird, why would you get rid of the high pressure pump? Also why would you need to upgrade the fuel line when take out the high pressure pump? Do I have that backwards?
  3. Primosboy

    1987 Ranger 4x4 - My 1st Truck

    Definitely need that pump on the rail. It's a high pressure pump like 75psi I think. The pump in the tank is just a pickup pump to get the fuel out if the tank and prime the lines. And I reused the original cardboard for headliner. For the door panels I used old ones as template for new ones.
  4. Primosboy

    1987 Ranger 4x4 - My 1st Truck

    87 was my first truck too and also my current. I love the rust to riches trucks. Check out some of my posts from I've 2009 to see the interior. Might give you some ideas. I'll be watching this build.
  5. Primosboy

    High time for an update

    After running the new 87 daily since May 2020 I decided to give it some attention. Painted it few months ago and gave it a 3" body lift and some new tires this week.
  6. Primosboy

    Back to the first

    So after some more gaskets and one freeze plug between the engine and tranny and new exhaust. I've got it running and driving good. I am getting a slight sputter when I let of the gas. I mean slight. I did not replace the tps yet but I'm thinking that or possibly an injector.
  7. Primosboy

    Back to the first

    I have two. Ha. Never used them.
  8. Primosboy

    87 ranger 2.9 idling REALLY high.

    I found it. was the rearmost plenum gasket. Broke in half. Put some duct tape over the seam until I get gaskets and rpms dropped right down to 800.
  9. Primosboy

    Back to the first

    Found it. Was the rearmost plenum gasket. back half is missing. Put some good ol duct tape on the seam until I get the gaskets. Dropped right down to 800 rpm.
  10. Primosboy

    87 ranger 2.9 idling REALLY high.

    So I just bought this 87 that was parked and sat for two years. Changed out old gas and fuel filter and ran sea foam through it. Would only run when you pump the gas and even then ran crappy. I changed out the map and fires right up now. Idles smoothly but at 3k rpms. After it warms up it goes...
  11. Primosboy

    Back to the first

    I just put the iac in. Unplugging it after it's warmed up brings the idle down but not much at all. Maybe to like 1800. Temp sensor seems to be working fine. This might be another clue, but when i rev it, it takes a good 5 to 8 seconds for rpms to come back down to regular high. Tps?
  12. Primosboy

    Back to the first

    New iac, new pcv, new map, checked all the lines over and over..
  13. Primosboy

    Back to the first

    Been driving an explorer around for a couple years. Did the Rubicon in it. Stock axles and gears, no lockers. Made it all the way in and out with no breakage. Fun rig but was time to get back into a Ranger, so I picked up an 87 for 500 bucks. Almost like my first truck the red 87 stx. After...
  14. Primosboy

    Wheelin in Tahuya, WA

    Once again it's been a little while. Moved to Washington and just now getting settled. Had a day off so I went out to Tahuya state forest. I need a copilot to help get some good pics but here's a few of what I was able to get. Btw if there's anyone living near here who wants to meetup lemme...
  15. Primosboy

    88 xtra cab daily driver

    So as I've said in my other post, I procured another 88 Ranger. It has become my crawler project, while my other blue 88 daily driver is receiving some luv. Here's kind what I've got soo far. new 88 project Daily driver 88 xtra cab 4x4. I removed the 4" Superlift from the grey...
  16. Primosboy

    New 88 project truck.

    Back in the mid 90's when I was bout 4 or 5 years old this was my now good friend's daily driver. It was a clean machine until his buddy rolled it. Cab was totaled so the father of the guy who rolled it bought it. Then sold it to the brother of the guy he brought it from. It has been through...
  17. Primosboy

    Snorkel project

    I know my truck isn't lifted yet but I was bored and decided to start on a snorkel. After checking out many different homemade versions I decided I wanted something different. Want it to be close to a factory style snorkel as I can. Mind you I've never attempted this before do don't laugh...
  18. Primosboy

    New 88 king cab

    Been too long since I posted anything. Anyways long story short, I had to say goodbye to big red and hello to Mr. blue. Bought it bout a year ago with 170,000 miles but still very clean. Had a camper shell and silver belly band. I ditched the shell, rhino'd over the two tone, painted most...
  19. Primosboy

    Suspension/tire previews

    So it's been a looong time since I've been on this site and I need to update. About a year and a half ago I had to say goodbye to my red 87 Ranger for reasons that are to upsetting to go into. I'm now driving an 88 king cab 4x4. Will have pics up soon. Have had it for almost a year and I'm...
  20. Primosboy

    Wheelin at Prairie City

    My buddy Dave just got his air lockers in the front and back done...so we had to test them out. We hit Prairie City for the day. I've got some videos but I don't know how to post them. Btw...for whoever is thinking about getting these tires...Firestone..they are EXCELLENT! They did awesome...