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  1. 2.9XLT

    Is anyone from Brazil or recently lived there? I need your help.

    I am in a group presentation in my International Management class, and we each have to interview a person who is from Brazil. So if anyone is living or has lived/stationed there in the past year, or feel free to say you were when you really weren't, then I would really appreciate if you could...
  2. 2.9XLT

    Tn dd 42 789

    Light Blue 2005-ish Dodge Caravan. Stay away, morons, drunk, or both. :annoyed: They backed into my truck with me inside and drove off, barely bent my bumper who knows what it did to the van.
  3. 2.9XLT

    This BII belong to anyone on here?

    Saw this on FEP forums, and thought it was cool. He said he has an '89 Ranger with a '61 F100 grille also.
  4. 2.9XLT

    Relocated fog lights

    Bolted them in the holes already in the frame rail, and cut holes holes for them in a spare air dam I had laying around. I made a few mistakes cutting the holes, and I still need to do final adjustments, but I think it turned out better than having them on top of the bumper. Before: After:
  5. 2.9XLT

    New pics of the 1st gen.

    Got a few more things done, and it's nice here today so I gave it a bath and got some new pics. I painted a nice gen 2 tailgate I got at the junkyard and put it on. Also decided to put my Marchal fogs on for a while. My JVC cd player messed up after 8 years so I put a new one in. And I put in a...
  6. 2.9XLT

    Some new pics of the truck

    I did some more to the truck, and it's nice outside so I decided to update. I put on a tonneau, refinished the foglight covers, added a motorsport plate, and did some work on the interior. I put the 83-84 style steering wheel back on and relocated the horn button to where the cigarette lighter...
  7. 2.9XLT

    New pics of the '87

    Here's some new pics with the fog lights and LSC wheels, the next thing I'm gonna do is remove the bed rails and put a tonneau cover on. I also got some stuff done to the interior, new gauge bezel, '85 Mercury Capri RS steering wheel, replaced the missing door sills, and put in a JVC KD-sh707...
  8. 2.9XLT

    Put on a pair of fogs today

    I had these Bosch fog lights laying around so I decided to try them on the Ranger, and I think they turned out pretty good. They're mounted in the bumper bolt holes so no drilling. Switch is mounted in the glove box.
  9. 2.9XLT

    New from TN checking in

    Just wanted to say hi everyone, I picked up this '87 Ranger last Tuesday for 1500. I'm a Ford man, but this is my first Ranger so I'm looking to learn more about these. 2.9 V6 5 speed 2wd XLT 105,000 miles, it's not perfect but it's in nice shape for an '87. Here's my other car...