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  1. Mutant Pony

    New build?

    It's been I few since I've posted anything here so Let me start by saying "Hi". I recently aquired a set of Fiberglass, Gen III, fenders and bedsides. I could turn the "black frog" into a Gen III but, I would have to cut it down to a short box. I don't currently have a Gen III cab. Other...
  2. Mutant Pony

    Intermittent tach.

    I've got a '96 Ranger, 3.0, auto trans. The tach works when it wants to. I've pulled to instrument panel and cleaned the connections. I have looked over the wiring. There is no misfire when the tach cuts out. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what the solution was. I...
  3. Mutant Pony


    I haven't been here for a while so I thought I would drop in and say "Hi". Also, I bought another Ranger, That puts me at 12 RBVs that I currently own. The "new" one is a '96, supercab, 3.0, auto, MANUAL transfer, no power anything(big plus),no rust, few dings,140,000 miles, black. Sorry no...
  4. Mutant Pony

    My boys B-day cake

    This was way back in July but, I was way to busy to post it. This is my youngest boys 4th b-day cake. It is supposed to look like a sand dune. The "sand" is cinnamon sugar.
  5. Mutant Pony

    A little problem with my truck. (pics)

    I went to the "playground" yesterday and decided I would see how well the old '87 would do it deep snow. We have about 16" of powder on top of about 6" of hard pack. I drove through the plowed snow bank, Up a slight incline, on down into a valley. I came to a stop down in the valley and had to...
  6. Mutant Pony


    The General store, 2 buildings away, is on fire! 2 buildings in the other direction is the fire dept so they got there quick. They about had it out and the whole thing burst into flames from the heat. Now there are at least three fire departments battling a major blaze. I was just leaning on the...
  7. Mutant Pony

    life sucks! I'll get through it.

    I've spent all summer Working on getting ready for the labor day blast at the playground. Wifey (Lilred on airbrush.com) has been in and out of the hospital all week. She has anemia and high blood pressure. I've missed about 10 hours of work this week because of it. That is OK because I get...
  8. Mutant Pony

    some pics from the "playground"

    Some of you may have read posts before about this little offroad park that my group has started. The "Playground" I think the next mod on this truck needs to be a "bob" The property owner rented a bulldozer and changed things a little. I played on this hill for a half hour, The property...
  9. Mutant Pony

    D44 front end trouble (PICS)

    Well last Labor day we knew that I broke an axle joint in the DeRanged Mudder. When it happened I was sure it was much worse, I yelled out the window "broken diff". When we got it out of the mud we saw it had a broken joint. "Oh, is that all". I finally got time to work on it. I pulled the axle...
  10. Mutant Pony

    Finally, Pics from the dunes!

    The very first thing I did was hit test hill (of course) And there I sat, high centered.:sad: I then got pulled down by a Ford (of course). I then pulled him off the top, twice! at least I only did it once. Yes my frog does swim. The rust holes let in a little more water than I would like...
  11. Mutant Pony

    My newest acquisition

    I saved this from the crusher. That's my '87 in the background Kinda funny; it has superlift on the rear quarters and skyjacker on the front suspension. The stacked blocks, cobbled rear springs and cobbled spring blocks in the front are among the first things to go. I haven't decided what...
  12. Mutant Pony

    4.0 help!

    2000 explorer, 4.0 ohv, Mysterious loss of coolant, Smoke on start up, Exhaust smells like coolant. NO combustion in the coolant. coolant system pressure test shows no leaks. Cyl. #4 misfire, 150 lbs compression, Good spark. Misfire is intermittent. Ford says it is a head gasket, What do you...
  13. Mutant Pony

    RBVs at the blessing.

    There weren't many but here are the ones I saw. I was in line waiting to get in when I saw Rulebreaker playing a little. Sorry the pics aren't better, I was a long ways away. This Ranger only sat in the parking lot, spotted it once again waiting in line. This all to stock Explorer didn't do...
  14. Mutant Pony

    A little AOD tech

    On the right are the gears from an AOD, On the left are gears from a 4r70w. with the parts in the picture (plus a couple more) you can convert the gear ratio for first gear from 240 to 284. It also lowers second gear.
  15. Mutant Pony

    My new apprentice.

    At 3 years old his is pretty confidant in his work. Of course Dad has to loosen and torque bolts. You have to make sure that you don't leave tools within reach! His older brother got lost in computers at that age. Now he doesn't know the difference between a wrench and a socket. I still love 'em...
  16. Mutant Pony

    Smooth Tailgate?

    I'm looking for a smooth tailgate for a gen I Ranger. Anybody know where I could get one? would it have to be custom made?
  17. Mutant Pony

    a 3.0 can tow! (not for the weak stomached)

    a 3.0 can tow! (not for the weak stomached)Pics added! A friend of mine had a '95 grand prix that had to be moved. We went and picked up a dolly. I said "I'll try it but, It'll probably be slow". The car was snowed in and the plugs were fouled so it wouldn't start. We ended up pulling the car...
  18. Mutant Pony

    Real 4cyl. part II

    Back before the server change I had a post called real 4 cyl. Recap: Part II: The motor all redone ready to go in.
  19. Mutant Pony


    I don't understand why everybody compains about the stuff, I love it. No one else in my house will eat it. How about you guys?
  20. Mutant Pony

    Vent windows?

    I found a good question to ask. What years of Rangers had vent windows as an option? I tried the search and found no answers. Maybe this should have been in interior, That is the way I think of them.