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  1. swamprat

    Opinions on bearing grease?

    yeah, it is a sand bar , it was a costal island
  2. swamprat

    steering extension

    guess I'll just make my own, along with shifter extention
  3. swamprat

    Opinions on bearing grease?

    I have blue Mercury marine grease. It's what was suggested when I lived at the beach. My street flooded at high tide in spring.
  4. swamprat

    steering extension

    looking for part number or who sells just the steering extension for 94 ranger with 3in body lift. thought the number was in the tech section at one time.
  5. swamprat

    Rear disk upgrade

    I se where people are using explorer rear calipers and mustang calipers. In the axle swap chats people have used chevy Malibu calipers on the rear when 9in is swapped in. Malibu calipers come loaded and no core charge so was thinking of trying that. My brake master might be bad. I have an...
  6. swamprat

    Body lift

    Anyways, I took out one of the body mount bolts and its 1/2-13. I forgot I replaced the body mounts on this truck few years back
  7. swamprat

    Body lift

    was thinking of building my own body lift. Have the material in the shop to make blocks and mot of the bolts. Problem is they are 1/2-13 bolts and not 12mm. Will the 1/2 bolts fit in the body mounts? Isnt there a sleeve in most body mounts?
  8. swamprat

    Speed Bleeders

    I used that pressure bleeder kit a few times and works pretty good. Plus you get a fluid change out of it. cant remember the name but put some fluid in the container and attach to reservoir, pump it up and crack the bleeders in order. easy for one man.
  9. swamprat

    ohio laws

    its not my daily. just a toy but would like to drive it on street if I had too. I will be around the Findlay area. Thanks for help. couldn't remember if legal there or not. I know some states its not
  10. swamprat

    ohio laws

    im moving to ohio around first of year. WhaT laws and I looking at when comes to amount of lift and full width axles on a ranger? Will truck be street legal with full width?
  11. swamprat

    Oil filter sandwich

    Has anyone put on on a 2011 f150 for newer 5.0? Was wanting to add an oil pressure gauge to my truck. The stock oil sending units go bad regularly and thought if moved to between the oil filter and block it would be easier to change when needed. Looks like to coolant hoses may be in the way though.
  12. swamprat

    coolant leak

    my friends son has a 2002 ranger with 3.0 in it. he was driving home after work and hit some deep water that flooded a road he was on. He made it home with truck sputtering but next day when started truck antifreeze poured out of it. He said looks like from front of engine. im not able to look...
  13. swamprat

    ford part number link

    didn't there use to be a link to a ford part number info. you could type in a ford part number and it tells you what and what vehicle it goes to. part number in question is F37A-8146-VA
  14. swamprat

    1994 ranger ac project

    So I am starting an AC project on my 1994 Ranger. It has never worked for the few years that I had the truck. I believe it has R12. There are no labels on the rad support. I did try a can of AC Cool 134 that son had and it wouldn't fit on the port. So should I retro fit to 134 then trouble shoot...
  15. swamprat

    94 ranger drums tight

    I had a leaky wheel cylinder on my ranger so I pulled it off and replaced it. While I was doing that I figure I might as well replace shoes. Got it all done and the drum is tight on the shoes. I backed off the adjustment screen and opened the bleeder and that helped some but still tight. Never...
  16. swamprat

    no spark no start

    1994 4.0 would not start and had no spark. was getting fuel. Un-hooked battery for about 30 mins and hooked it back up and truck started. It stalled idleing and would not restart. Did the battery thing again and started right up. Turned off truck and restarted it. I don't know where I saw the...
  17. swamprat

    cam sensor?

    I have been having problems on a 1994 ranger 4.0 that I had swapped a 5 speed into. It has bad gas mileage. 8mpg. Bad idle, and a violent bucking and loss of power. What I have done so far is check FPR and have 40 lbs at idle. Changed plugs and wires. Reattached vacuum line to FPR. Mileage is...
  18. swamprat

    truck running very rich

    I swapped a 5 sp into a 1994 4.0 ranger. It has been running very rich. I had a exhuast leak at the manifold Y pipe connection and fixed that. There was a bad seal at the air box and intake tube and I fixed that. Truck ran better for a few days then last night it started running poor again...
  19. swamprat

    stiff clutch pedal

    I have a 1994 ranger 4.0 that was an auto when I bought it. Swapped in a 5 speed. The 5 speed was in a BII that I had swaped a 4.0 from an explorer and a 5 speed from a ranger. 5 speed is an m5od. when it was in the BiI it had a lite pedal and shifted fine. I used the same clutch and flywheel...
  20. swamprat

    94 7.3 idi value

    buddy has a 94 7.3 truck he is willing to sell me for a parts truck. I just need the sheet metal off of it. It has a 7.3 idi engine that is hard to start, need a injector pump is what he told me. What would be a fair price for the engine? Is it worth the trouble of getting it running before I...