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  1. pwrranger88

    98 ranger axel swap question

    Ok so i recently bought a 98 ranger and want to replace the rear axle which currently has 3.55s with a rear out an explorer with 4.10. My question is will i need to have my speedometer recalibrated or will it be fine?
  2. pwrranger88

    87 alternator upgrade options

    I recently bought a 1987 ranger with the 2.3. The alternator quit on me today and I was wondering if there was any bolt in upgrade that I may be able to find on my trip to the junkyard this weekend?
  3. pwrranger88

    which truck to sas

    ok so i have two ranger now one 94 extra cab 4wd 4.0 automatic and an 98 extra cab 4.0 5 speed. now i just got a dana44 and 9 inch out of a 78 f150 complete with lift coils with rims and brand new 33s for free and i have chevy springs for the rear. i know every ones gonna say its your truck and...
  4. pwrranger88

    header interchangability

    so yesterday my friend found a brand new set of pacesetter headers and y pipe he had bought for his 94 4.0 ranger and said i could have em. now my truck is a 98 4.0 ohv and the previous owner cut the cat destroying the y pipe. will the headers and y pipe from the 94 work?
  5. pwrranger88

    clutch interchangeability

    ok so i have a 98 ranger 4.0 ohv with a blown clutch and i have a clutch from a 94 4.0 brand new in the box from a previous project. i know they changed the number of bolts that hold on the flywheel but are the clutches still the same? now ive tried cross referencing the part numbers and they...
  6. pwrranger88

    0bd1 4.0 in obd2 truck questions

    ok so i just picked up a 98 ford ranger with a blown 4.0 and have a good running in my 94 with a bad frame. so im trying to figure out if i can use the 94 which is obd1 and swap all the sensors and other obd2 specific parts from the blown motor. now i've heard 2 different opinions one that the...
  7. pwrranger88

    4.0 swap

    ok so i recently picked up a 99 ranger with a bad motor and bought a 4.0 from a 93 ranger to swap. i know it'll physically swap in but the 99 had an egr and the 93 doesn't. i know i can just swap every thing over from the motor im pulling but is there a way i could disable the egr and clean up...
  8. pwrranger88

    pwrranger88 back at it again

    so after taking a 2 tear break from rbvs i found myself wanting one again. so i started searching craigslist with a $2000 budget. sadly though all the trucks set up the way i wanted was way over my budget. so after a week of searching an ad popped up for a 94 extra cab 4wd automatic 4.0 for...
  9. pwrranger88

    spring hanger question

    ok so im about to do my 8.8 swap and was wondering if i used the spring hangers off a ranger would that allow me use a flip kit i have from another project? reason being is i cant find a set of spring hangers cheap for the b2 and i have a new set of hangers on my parts ranger.
  10. pwrranger88

    picked up a b2

    like the title say i pick up a 88 bronco 2 weeks ago . its got a 3 inch bl 4 inch suspension its got the a4ld and a dana 28 and the 7.5 . plans are to pull the bl and install the polly cab mounts i have cut the fenders and run 35s. im gonna swap a dana 35 and ex 8.8 with disc and 5.13s. the only...
  11. pwrranger88

    new daily driver

    well my f450 was kinda cramped and to insure the crown vic i had was ridiculas so i traded for my friends 88 b2 specs are eb edition 90k original miles 2.9 3 inch body lift 4 inch rough country suspension lift 15x8s and 33s only thing that i dont like is that the whole things been rhino lined...
  12. pwrranger88

    should i trade?

    i just picked up a 99 crown vic fully loaded with the interceptor package from a family member and one of my friends has a 88 bronco II 3 inch bl 6 inch suspension and fairly new 33s with only 60k original miles im kinda leaning towards trading but i was wondering what you would do
  13. pwrranger88

    starting problems

    ok so i bought a 88 ranger from my work and while it was at work i hooked a jump pack to the block and the the solenoid and it cranked over fine. now that ive had it home i tried installing a brand new battery and even when i jump the solenoid it dosnt even make noise at the starter so i swaped...
  14. pwrranger88

    project junk yard wheeler

    so i sold my 96 ranger last november and have been kicking myself every day since. well a few weeks ago at work i was cutting up a bulldozer minding my own buseness when i see a gen one coming across the scale. upon further inspection i found it already had a 4 inch rough country lift and a...
  15. pwrranger88

    im back

    well about 4 months ago i sold my 96 ranger and since then ive gone through 4 f250s. iv finally got a decent one its a 84 f250 extra cab 4wd with a 6.9. well ive been slowly modding it and fixing previous owners hacks. well yesterday i was at work (i work at a local scrap yard) and i look over...
  16. pwrranger88

    new to me f250

    so my rangers frame was cracked and i needed a replacement and was driving through town and saw this at a local garage. so i sold the ranger to a friend for $750. i got it for 900 it has a new starter, clutch, alt exauste from ypipe back, and the transmissions been rebuilt. it needs some minor...
  17. pwrranger88

    Help our new baby win!

    It only takes a minute :) http://92profm.upickem.net/engine/Details.aspx?p=V&c=40138&s=11458187&i=1 We greatly appreciate it! Sam, Chris, Riley & Baby Emma
  18. pwrranger88

    piston question

    so im buildong a 2.0 for my truck and plan on putting a turbo on it and all i could find for pistons so far was forged aluminum ones and i was wondering if they would be able to handle the turbo
  19. pwrranger88

    transmission swap question

    i recently bought a 73 f100 with a 3 speed and what was involved in swapping a zf or if there was a 5speed that would just bolt up to my bellhouseing?
  20. pwrranger88

    pwrranger88's 96 ranger build

    i picked up a regular cab short bed 4wd 4 cylinder ranger. it needed a motor and cab mounts. i bought a motor from foxracing5491 and put it in. then i traded some shitty bfg mud terrains for a set of 33s on 15x8 steelies. plans are to put a stx high rider front suspension with f150 coil spacers...