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  1. Andres629

    Back in the Game

    Well, for those of you that remember my BII, well, unfortunately I had to give up halfway to completion. So, I'm tired of not wheeling, so I got me a Ranger. It's a 94 ext. cab, 4.0, M5OD/manual 1354. It's purple.:thefinger: Long story short, I traded a bunch of things, and eventually turned...
  2. Andres629

    Helping out a friend, help him out too!

    Hey guys and gals, my buddy Dylan joined a contest for "Kelowna's Toughest Truck" on facebook. He needs some more votes to help him win it, so if you could all please click the link below and like the picture, that would be awesome! I would appreciate it,and I know Dylan sure would too! Thanks...
  3. Andres629

    Info on choosing correct torque converter?

    Well... I have a few questions for you auto guys. I'm swapping a C4 behind my 4.0 to replace the M5OD. I already have C5 bellhousing, trans. and adapter to 135x case. I have two bellhousings around to choose from; one factory 2.8L BII tc, and the other is for a 5.0. This is going into a crawler...
  4. Andres629

    D35 Cut 'n' Turn time, looking for some pictures

    Heyyyyyyy guys. Doing up a temporary wheeler 'til my BII is done, and I reeeeeally want to do a cut and turn. I have a pretty good idea what I'm doing, but I have a few questions for anyone who's done this. First question, I would like to try and utilize stock shafts as I have about 89374 of...
  5. Andres629

    Red Sled Redemption

    For those of you who remember Red Sled from WAYYYY back in the day, well, she's getting a second chance at life.:icon_surprised: Since my BII is taking me way too long and I wanna wheel, I thought it necessary to have something to wheel until it's done. Naturally, my good ol' 92 was the choice...
  6. Andres629

    Timing a 2.3... or something.

    Okay, well nothing but problems with the 2.3... It's a 91 2.3 that just had the ICM, plugs/wires and coil pack done. And after all that, the timing belt went! I got the new belt on and what appears to be timed correctly (10* BTDC) but it still won't start. I didn't have to remove the crank...
  7. Andres629

    Any ideas on Disc brake conversion?

    On an 8.8? But not just any 8.8... a full-width 8.8, oh yeah! I want to try and make it a mostly factory swap so that I don't have to surf the information super-highway to get parts when something breaks... So far, I've got it narrowed down to an Explorer setup (allows me to run 15" rims) with a...
  8. Andres629

    Yeah KOH vid!

    It's been posted in other forums I'm on, but not here. Check this out! Note the Ranger lights on rig 212! :headbang: Loren Healy's on-board starts at 7:30, keep watching for the contact at 9:19 and his wicked pass at 9:30. One of the coolest passes I've seen! NWcuGt5iefg&feature=related
  9. Andres629

    What to look for/do when putting Expo front driveshaft on rear of BII

    Please reply if any part of this is confusing... I don't have any lengths for any of this stuff, I just know how much shorter/longer each part is. I have done my best to make this as easy to understand as possible, but I'm not always the best at describing crap. Haha! I am definitely open to...
  10. Andres629

    8.8 carrier question

    I have a lunchbox locker to go into my 8.8 (31 spline l/s) so I need to change the carrier for an open one. I have a parts Expo, but it has 3.27's in it. Question is, do I need to have a 3.55+ carrier to work with my 4.56's, or is there no difference between the 8.8 carriers? Thanks guys!
  11. Andres629

    Andres629's BII transformation!

    From this: To this: To this!
  12. Andres629

    92 Expo won't start... Suggestions?

    alright, so I've checked the stupid stuff first, airbox, plug wire ends, its getting fuel at the rail, don't have a fuel pressure tester though. I just pushed the schraeder valve and fuel sprayed out after cycling the key. I can smell fuel when I crank it over. I've pretty much narrowed itdown...
  13. Andres629

    Best pinion angle for 4" lift BII?

    Hey, anyone out there who swapped an Expo axle into their BII, what is the best pinion angle to run? I need to get mine done asap, but since its a DD I have to do it out of the vehicle. Will only be lifted 4". Thanks all!
  14. Andres629

    D35/8.8 w/ 4.56's and 37's? Does this work?

    Picking up a 6" lift for the BII as soon as the guy finds out what shipping will cost, and I'm going bigger on tire size. So my question is how would a Dana 35 hold up to 37's? And I'm swapping in an Explorer clutch and M5OD at the same time, how would it be with 4.56's and 37's? Just wondering...
  15. Andres629

    Measure a Skyjacker RA for me?

    Can someone give me a few measurements on a Skyjacker radius arm please? I would like measurements of: length and angle of it as well, that angle right after where the shock bolts on. Thanks! +1000 internetz for the person who does this. :D
  16. Andres629

    Washed BII, now idles funny when warm...

    So, got a bit of a problem on my BII, and you know what it is from the title. I did plugs, wires, cap & rotor, and coil. Cleaned the IAC and swapped TPS from my Ranger, no change. So I am now at a loss... I was thinking maybe the ignition module, but I don't know. And what's weird is it ran...
  17. Andres629

    BII Body lift advice

    I've got 3" body liftblocks for my BII, got them free, but there was no steering extender that come with. What's the max BL height I can run without using a steering extender as well? Any info is greatly appreciated.
  18. Andres629

    Andres629's still at it! '87 BII this time!

    Update: Jan. 2, 2011 Decided that I would update the first post in my thread for any new people to see right off the bat. I will update this post as well as make a new post when more things have been done! Didn't actually get any pictures of the VERY start of it, but close enough. '87 BII that...
  19. Andres629

    Andres629's '88 2WD

    Well, for all a y'all who may have noticed my sig before, I have an 88 2wd Ranger custom 2.0L 5 speed. I'll post up some pics of before... a couple during the process, and after. It's mostly complete already, but you get the idea. Here's the before shots: A couple during: (It's not...
  20. Andres629

    I got me a pet!

    Cute, ain't it. I call it Harold, pending it's gender discovery... haha! Everything's just lumpy and furry, can't tell yet. :icon_twisted: Waaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuup! Kitty's tired when I wake it up.