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  1. 4" Superlift Kit

    Selling my 4" Superlift to pay for my next project. Its been in my truck for about 2 years and Ive put roughly 20000 kms on it. Comes with all required brackets, knuckles, crossmemebers, shocks, optional skid plate and most of the hardware. For the rear end it comes with lift blocks. I have a...
  2. Factory FX4 Torsen LSD and Spacer Block Set

    Factory FX4 Torsen Rear LSD for Ford 8.8 31 Spline. 180xxxkms on it. No issues. Should fit explorer rear ends as well $150 Also have the spacer block set it. It allows you to run lower gears (4.56, 4.88, & 5.13) and keep the Torsen. No grinding of the ring gear needed. I bought it thinking I...
  3. PIC REQEUST: Skyjacker leafs

    I would like to see some pics of your Rangers with skyjacker leafs. 4" or 6". Preferably flex shots and hauling loads. I currently have a superlift on my 2008 FX4 and Im planning a coilover swap as well. Im trying to decide which skyjacker springs for the rear. TIA
  4. Superlift front driveshaft #9636 dimensions

    Ive been looking everywhere for these dimensions so i could make my own driveshaft instead of buying from the superlift factory. I didnt wanna pay over $500 US when i could make one for much less. Here are the measurements for anyone wanting to do the same. I will be using a dual cardan shaft...
  5. 4.88 gears on an FX4

    Has anyone put 4.88s in their ranger with a 8.8 31 spline rear diff WITH TORSEN LIMITED SLIP? Ive seen some write ups but everyone just has a small cross pin that needs to clear the gears. Mine has a much larger block that slides in instead. I wanna make sure it will work before i buy the gears.
  6. Explorer Leaf Swap

    Hey guys, Im looking into doing a leaf swap, but am not sure about a couple things. First off i have a 2008 Ranger FX4 with a 3 inch BL, Beltech shackles, stock leafs, stock 1.5 inch lift blocks, & a T bar crank to level. As expected, my leafs have flattened out and ride like crap. But i am...
  7. Pics with no valence?

    Anyone have pics of a newer ranger with this style front bumper and the valence removed? preferably with a body lift and front skid plate. I wanna see how it looks on some other trucks before I go take mine off.
  8. Hitch Receiver Mod How-to?

    I have an 08 FX4. Are there any detailed guides on how to cut and weld your stock hitch receiver after a 3 inch body lift? Like a step by step guide? I did some searching and couldn't find any with much detail.
  9. 08 FX4 Suspension Lift Options?

    So I wanna do a lift in my Ranger but i've never done anything like it before. I know I could do shackles in the rear but that just leaves a t-bar crank in the front, which I don't really wanna do. I found this kit on superlift...
  10. Anyone have a bumpy ride with a 3" Body Lift?

    So I bought my 08 FX4 Offroad a few months back with 128000Kms on it. It's only got a 3 inch body lift and 285/75/R16's (33's). The truck is awesome. The only thing I noticed is the bouncy ride even on relativley smooth roads. It kind of comes and goes and gets worse around 60km/h. But I've...
  11. 08 FX4 SAS

    This has been my project for years now. Started from basically stock and have been slowly building it up ever since. Here is my progress. The Solid Axle Swap starts on Page 9. Heres how it sat when I bought it in September 2013 3" Body Lift and BF Goodrich 285/75/R16's Then I did the leveling...