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  1. Trump8MyKids

    Meet Lucy the three wheeled differential-less Ranger

    (Yes, a friend and I named my truck Lucy. Don’t ask why, long story) Well today has been interesting. I started off today going for a windows down drive with my girlfriend as it’s finally high 30s out and we’re out of the sub-zero temps for now (it’s a Wisconsin thing you wouldn’t understand)...
  2. Trump8MyKids

    Godawful clunking

    Had to miss school and work last Monday due to me having to drain my diff oil because my diff ate up my abs sensor (probably should have been a sign from the start). Something as of earlier today is making a terrible clunk inside of there. originally it happened whenever I’d let off the gas but...
  3. Trump8MyKids


    First off, hello! I’m Ethan, a high school senior from Wisconsin. I work at a dealership changing oil and rotating tires 1.5 hours from my house. Second off, my ranger is a 3.0 manual single cab step side 2WD with no power options and a beautiful bright red paint job. I absolutely love my lil...
  4. Trump8MyKids

    Help! Abs issue

    I have a 1998 ranger (single cab step side 3.0 manual 2wd with no power options and rear abs) that as of yesterday has been confusing everybody. Long story short every time I hit the brake (going 10+ mph) the abs kicks in. Doesn’t matter if I’m on the highway or in the city it does it. I thought...