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  1. Ldr01rl

    Wanted Any 1st gens around?

    I have a no rust '88 STX I'm looking at getting rid of. Purrs like a kitten
  2. Ldr01rl

    dream beams for a 1988 shipped to ohio 45439

    What do you need shipped?
  3. Ldr01rl

    '88 STX (no rust) back on the road!

    Well after two months getting the trans up to snuff it's back in the driveway. I felt more comfortable in it than in my 2019 XLT Crew
  4. Ldr01rl


    I'm not done tweaking the Decked with regards to organization. Those two bags and the Ryobi duffel need to fit in the drawers with misc stuff. The Ranger fits into my garage, no problem. I'll add an expanded metal floor for over the roof portion, a conduit carrier and flood lights. I wouldn't...
  5. Ldr01rl


    So the deal is that the Softtopper is folded up during the dry days if I need an open bed. Truck stuff? This truck has already towed a trailer hauled loads and is on jobsites daily. My Prius did more truck stuff than most truck owners did with their trailer queens. So this Ranger need to catch...
  6. Ldr01rl


    So my new Ranger is Decked and now my dilemma is how to fit my tools in it. Three bags, one small, one medium and the larger duffle for cordless tools, not to mention the bit boxes, extra batteries, blah-blah-blah. As I begin the task of making it work, I'll update along.
  7. Ldr01rl

    Caps for the 2019 Ranger

    I have the Softtopper. I modified the Adrian Steel ladder rack and Decked the bed. The Softtopper will be removed or folded for the spring and summer Wisconsin weather
  8. Ldr01rl

    Show us your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

    Here ya go from the banks of Lake Michigan
  9. Ldr01rl

    Finally! Post pics of your Diesel Ranger

    1983 2.2L Perkins just posted to Youtube https://youtu.be/2i1GO5D0pvQ