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  1. rumblecloud

    Workshop plans

    I have a 40x60 pole barn which is used for storage, firewood and to park cars, trucks, the tractor and a variety of lawn and garden mowers, tillers, etc. When i built it, I had 40 feet of it concreted and left about 20 feet with sand and packed gravel. That's where I park the tractor and other...
  2. rumblecloud

    02 Sport Trac 4.0L 4x4 right front axle noise

    Hi All. I'm having an issue with the right front axle/hub area and am looking for some guidance. I took the Sport Trac out to run some errands and heard some awful noises coming from the right front area of the truck After checking it out, it seems like wheel is binding (not rotating) and then...
  3. rumblecloud

    1994 Tailgate Question

    I've been looking at replacing my tailgate and have run across instances where I've seen that the flareside (stepside) and styleside tailgates are interchangeable....that can't be correct --- or is it? Thanks, r
  4. rumblecloud


    I am now a proud Supporting Member of TRS! I'm not generally a "joiner,' but TRS is a different animal. Most forums that I join, I do so to take advantage of a specific need at the time. You find out the things you need to know and rarely come back. With TRS, I've found the members to be not...
  5. rumblecloud

    O2 Sensors...Which one

    arrrrggghgh...confused 94 4.0L Splash 4x4. Going to replace both sensors and am looking at Rock Auto. They have several, including Motorcraft - which I am leaning towards -- but it seems to indicate that each side is different(?) OR am I just not interpreting it correctly. Here's the one I'm...
  6. rumblecloud

    Fuel Filter Replacement -- easier than I thought

    There are a ton of how to's on replacing your fuel filter. Here's another one for the 4.0L OHV in a 94 Ranger Splash 4x4. I'm sure it covers a bunch of other models too. I just thought as long as I was gonna do it, I would post some images and note any difficulties. There really were none to...
  7. rumblecloud

    Two issues: Temp gauge and stumbling, hesitation

    IT takes about a mile and a half for the gauge to start registering and moving up to the first indicator mark and moves past it a little - and it stays there. I get heat. It runs fine, accelerates strong, passing gear is good. Soon after, the CEL comes on. After the CEL, I get hesitation and...
  8. rumblecloud

    Broken rear leaf. Help identifying replacement.

    Hi all. Busted a rear leaf and my head is spinning trying to ID a replacement. I've looked at the specs in the Tech section. Tried to parlay that info at Rock Auto and gave up. I think I can replace the individual leaf if I can ID it, but wonder if that is a good idea or should I replace the...
  9. rumblecloud

    94 4.0L Auto Error code 177

    Getting a 177 error code after engine warms up - about 5-7 minutes. It is a "Continuous Memory" code that shows HEGO ((HO2S) Sensor fault/always rich. HEGO = Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor. So what exactly is it telling me? I get that it's telling me it's running a rich mix, but why does it...
  10. rumblecloud

    94 4.0L OHV starter solenoid and relay

    Been scrounging around trying to find the right place to post this. It's a common problem that I've seen in a bunch of different places. It's the dreaded "CLICK" when you turn the key to start. I know RonD has thrown down a lot of help on this as well as many others. I just got the girl back on...
  11. rumblecloud

    FM signal worse than AM?!

    Yes, you read that right. 94 Ford Ranger Splash. This is the original factory radio. Never been messed with. This just started a few days ago. Prior to this it was fine. Now I can barely pull in any FM stations. AM works loud and clear. I don't know where to start. I recently installed new heads...
  12. rumblecloud

    front rotor part ID...

    Replacing rotors and bearings. Found this cute little circular spring. Too much grease to determine exactly where it came from. It's on the backside between the bearing and the bearing keeper keeper. Any help appreciated.
  13. rumblecloud

    Do circuit breakers "Reset"

    94 Ranger Splash 4.0L OHV Are all automotive circuit breakers of the "resetting? variety? I ask because both power windows, driver and passenger side are not working, so I looked at the fuses first. It's a 30 CB, hence my question. I have just finished a head replacement and have not...
  14. rumblecloud

    A4LD Shift Lever Positions 94 Ranger Splash

    Hi everyone. I just finished a string in the 4.0L forum about replacing the heads on a 4.0L OHV. During the suturing up, I ran into a problem with the shift cable. The shift cable's casing separated at the bracket on the firewall so the column lever had no resistance to move the lever on the...
  15. rumblecloud

    replacement Ignition lock not working with remote start

    After doing some research, I edited the following post: Sometime ago - 2015 - I replaced my worn out ignition lock cylinder with an aftermarket Ford ignition cylinder. The keys look like blanks. Being dumb, I installed it without thinking that the new ignition might not play well with my remote...
  16. rumblecloud

    What is this part?

    94 4.0L V6, there is a brace on the left front of the engine. Looks like it bolts to the block and extends toward the left tire and connects to the frame with a small shock absorber. I'm sorry I don't have an image for it (I do but with all the crap in the way it ain't worth posting). If I...
  17. rumblecloud

    4x4 axle end parts question

    I replaced the calipers on my Ranger awhile back and noticed that on the passenger side axle end there is a spacer and spring clip, but not on the driver's side. Went to the pull yard and found a 94 4.0L 4x4 Splash, same as mine but on a Styleside, pulled the driver's side wheel and scavenged...
  18. rumblecloud

    I know I shouldn't...but can I?

    I have an 94 Ranger Splash SC 4.0L. The left side head has a hole worn through the casting near the rear where the exhaust manifold bolts in. I think and was told it was from a coolant leak and that over time it ate the metal away. The exhaust manifold does look deformed. Even the head bolts...
  19. rumblecloud

    Looking for knowledge

    New to this forum, member at a coupe of the others. This looks like a place where I can get some good info. About to do a 4.0L V6 rebuild in my 94 Ranger Splash. I thought that while I'm at it I could do some easy things to increase the performance a little. Don't want to do a swap or anything...