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  1. rumblecloud

    62' Scout 80

    What an awesome find! Congrats!
  2. rumblecloud

    Can't see photo's in threads

    I can see them with a photobucket water mark on my home machine. Side note: I remember when they switched and started charging an exhorbitant amount - kind of holding us hostage - so I dumped them from a ttwo other forums I was running and lost a lot of images. I use Imgur now if I have to use...
  3. rumblecloud

    Had a big splinter in my...ear

    Does Ohio count? JK...I luv Ohio...
  4. rumblecloud

    Rear wiper not getting fluid

    Agreed. As I remember it, there's lot's of side to side adjustment, but not much vertical.
  5. rumblecloud

    Need some help with my ‘94

    Profile of the truck if possible, left or right side doesn't matter. Try not to take an angle as the perspective will be off. Are the tires you're looking at the ones in the image above? If so great. If not, include a link to the tires you're looking at....or I can find some similar. Skip the...
  6. rumblecloud

    Need some help with my ‘94

    In case you're wondering...
  7. rumblecloud

    I need help, please and thanks! 1990 Ranger 2.9L

    Got it! Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm not nearly as knowledgeable as you are, but sometimes we fixate on one ting so much that we overlook the simple things -- which is I think where you are headed. This is a learning string for me and I am curious to see it play out. To me, It...
  8. rumblecloud

    Woah Black Betty, the Danger Ranger!

    Ooooohhh....sarcasm...I love sarcasm. Love this build too. You mean you really don't have one in your driveway...do you? :yahoo:
  9. rumblecloud

    Need some help with my ‘94

    On my '94 with stock suspension, 4x4, 4.0L, auto, 3.73.gears, and 15-inch stock deer hoofs (as shown above in 97rangerXLT's shot) I can run 31s with no issues as far as fitment. Current tires are Goodyear Wranglers (from way back, can't even remember when I bought them) P236/75R15s. As Eric...
  10. rumblecloud

    I need help, please and thanks! 1990 Ranger 2.9L

    Peanut gallery question: @franklin2: In your last post, are you essentially asking if there is any juice flowing through the Pink/white wire? Because that's what I was kinda wondering.
  11. rumblecloud

    New Member, asking for affirmation & help

    Really liking where you're at with this project. Making me feel like pulling the bed off mine and getting after the frame and a bunch of other stuff. Keep posting pics 🤞
  12. rumblecloud

    Replacement splash graphics

    It doesn't appear in the sales brochure for 1995, which could indicate that it was a regional promotional issue. If that's the case, you might have a hard time finding a replacement -- as if you don't already know that.
  13. rumblecloud

    Replacement splash graphics

    After seeing this post from the OP and the link provided by svtcards. I purchased a set of Splash decals for my '94. Haven't put them on yet, but they seem good quality and are accurate as far as size and reproduction. Note that they are "one-color." On my, '94 the decal is two-color, as I...
  14. rumblecloud

    Weird noise

    Good to know. That's a little progress. Keep after it and eventually, you'll win. 🤞🤞
  15. rumblecloud

    ovarian cancer

    Prayers for her continued good health...
  16. rumblecloud

    Finally done-time to drive!

    More pics please --- pretty damn good.
  17. rumblecloud

    Workshop plans

    I'm leaning toward the pink stuff. The spray foam is expensive and I've read in a couple of places that fiberglass keeps it warmer if it's done right. Plus I can do that myself. I'll have to pay for the concrete. Roughing in the interior walls and running a 220 line I can also do. The lift is...
  18. rumblecloud

    Workshop plans

    My bad...it's a 2 ton version - if that's what you meant by the weight rating.
  19. rumblecloud

    Workshop plans

    Ha! That's exactly the set-up I used to lift the hood off the ranger and put it back on. It's a 1,000 pounder from HF.
  20. rumblecloud

    Hi Folks

    Hey...How's she goin' eh!? Welcome to TRS.