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  1. LazyTurtle

    Superduty axles

    Hello I was scanning my local offerup and noticed that there are a set of superduty axles out of an 01 truck. I assume they are a sterling 10.5 rear and a dana 60 front, but I'm not entirely sure if the front is a dana 60 since they did put the 50s on the trucks aswell. Could anyone tell me...
  2. LazyTurtle

    A4LD to M5OD swap

    Hello, I have a 1993 Ranger with an A4LD and the electric transfer case. I've done some research about what transmissions to swap in, I just had a few questions about everything that would be needed for the swap. Basically my questions were if the transfer case I have would hook right up to...
  3. LazyTurtle

    Trail Gear Rock Sliders

    I have been searching countless forums for information on mountain trail gear rock sliders. I decided to make an account so that I could ask this question. I know that you can get the 78" ones with the gussets for mounting and they will work well. I have an extended cab and was just wondering if...