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  1. fordbrian333

    weight issues

    this is prob the kind of question yall dont hear very often, but how much lighter is a 2wd i beam, then a bare 4wd i beam? (by bare i mean i beam and hub alone, no shafts or front diff.)
  2. fordbrian333

    alternator wiring

    so im swapping a v8 into my ranger, the alt i bought has a batt +, ground, FLD, and STA connections, my question is how can i wire my stock harness to this altenator? i understand to connect + to + and ground to ground ( or just ground it) but my original alt connector has a 3rd wire, would this...
  3. fordbrian333

    which bender is this?

    hey guys can you give me a hand identifying what model bender i have and where i can get dies for it?
  4. fordbrian333

    Early bronco headers?

    Has anyone ever tried early bronco headers on their v8 swap? A buddy of mine has a set and i was wondering if they would fit
  5. fordbrian333


    sp ive been doing some research, and ive found that the coil and icm for a 1990 ranger 2.9 (i have now) and a 1990 bronco with a 5.0 are all the same part numbers, so my question is does this mean i can just get the sitributor from a 1990 5.0 and the ignition work correctly? is the ignition...
  6. fordbrian333

    1990 4x4 build thread "skarlett"

    hey guys so im going on my 3rd build here, and finally remembered to start a build thread before i actually started the build, my last 2 v8 swaps i did i used stock motor mounts with 1/4 plates for motor mounts with stock eb manifolds (worked good but looked kind of hacked up) My plan: -1990...
  7. fordbrian333

    Engine mounts

    Hey do you guys no if the 2.9 and 4.0 engine mounts are positioned the same in a 1990 ranger? I did a v8 swap on my last 94 renager and still have the templates for the motor mounts, and im hoping i can use them on my 1990/2.9, i just checked and the motor mounts between the 2 are the same part#
  8. fordbrian333

    3 plug wire?

    hey guys im building another ranger and bought a 302 for it today, the distributor has a 3 plug wire coming out of itm what exacly is this for? the early bronco it was in had this wired plaugged into a harness, so im wondering is this the ignition on inout for the ditributo is it just for a tac...
  9. fordbrian333

    Fuel fittings

    Hey guys im shorting up the wheel base on my current ranger build so im relocating the tank to the bed, does anyone know where i can get the appropriate fittings to extend my fuel lines, are they the same as the gm ones?
  10. fordbrian333

    Jeep 5.2?

    Ok so heres the deal guys, few weeks ago i solf my sas'd v8 swapped 94, and ive regretted it everyday since then, so this sunday im picken up another ranger and starting another build, looking to build a mild prerunner set up (long travel front, cantilever rear exc.) i have a freind who is...
  11. fordbrian333

    Acc. Mounts

    hey guys im currently in the middle of swapping a 302 from a 71 eb into my ranger, the engine, tranny, t case, d-shafts, axles, and radiator are all in, my problem is the mounts for my acc., i plan on using the stop alt. And power steering pump, i read on the v8 swap page that i can use a stock...
  12. fordbrian333

    Extended brake lines

    does anyone know where i can get longg extended brake lines? Preferably that will bolt right in, i did a sas on my rig and due to articulation my 8 inch lift lines are wayy too short.
  13. fordbrian333


    so heres the deal, i picked up a np435 that im looking to put behind me 4.0, ive done extensive research and cannot find a kit to buy to make it easy (ive tried contacting people who i know do build the kit but have had no reply) so im going to have to make adapter plate myself, my quastion is...
  14. fordbrian333

    trac bar location question

    so im planning out my sas for my 94 ranger, i decided after a a bit of thinking that i have one ranger that runs great, and i have another ranger with 3/4 ton axles, and a butt load of time into the suspension with no drive train that im just going to combine the two, now my question is when...
  15. fordbrian333

    Bellhousing question

    Im picking up a np435 for my ranger, but i need a bellhouse to mate a np435 to a SBF, does anyone have an idea where i can find one?
  16. fordbrian333

    small block chevy question

    hey guys i havea small block chevy out of an 88 silverado, does anyone know if this block its self is anydif from an older style carborated small block? im looking to build a mild motor for my grandprix but want to leave my 305 stock and just swap a new motor trans and rear into it (just...
  17. fordbrian333

    cam help

    im building an engine for my ranger, its a 71 302 block, bored .020, im wondering if anyone knows of a decent cam and lifter set up to use, heads also (oh btw its getting fuel injected)
  18. fordbrian333

    how to power home compressor

    how big of a power inverter will i need to power a 1ph dual piston compressor?
  19. fordbrian333

    lund visor wiring

    i got one of those lund moonvisors with one of the rangers i have and it has the lights built it, the wires for the lights were just kind of hanging when i got it, so i pulled them out today so i can re-wire them and make them work correctly, anyone have anyidea how to wire these lights? i dont...
  20. fordbrian333

    3rd link?

    is there a benifit to running a radius arm style third like right to a lower link rahter then a 3rd full length width? or the opposite way around?