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  1. canyoncritter

    alignment how to's

    will need list. a roll of kite string, or other type of thin string,thread if your eyes are good enuff. This last time I used the string from a hard ball, from under the leather hyde the dog was chewing on. enuff to go out 4 feet from the tires. long ways. 4 jack stands all same brand and...
  2. canyoncritter

    94 r134a high side port R&R

    94ranger 4.0L R134a a/c .bought truck with the a/c not working.P/o said something about the high psi switch leaked,and it did. so changed that out. vacumed down the system and it held a vaccum for 3 days. Awsome.... went to my local manny,moe and jerk off, and got a few can of r134,$14.99...
  3. canyoncritter


    picked up a 94 ranger 4.0L 4x4 5spd. It needs a new y pipe. PO striped out the right side 02 bung. what all years will work. the 94 has 2, 02 sensors.(right and left bank) where my 91 has only one. is there a diffrence between the auto and std's in the y pipe?
  4. canyoncritter

    9" rear from 1st gen bronco on ranger?

    and you really wouldnt gain much.other than the cool factor of having a 9 inch.unless your going to sink some cash in to it. still going to have 28 spline shafts......
  5. canyoncritter

    Ford 9 inch ABS question and e-brake

    one more note on the subject, of remote vs internal, if you going to be swamp running, inteal may be the way to go,so the sensor dose not get gloged up with muck etc......just somethign to think about.
  6. canyoncritter

    Ford 9 inch ABS question and e-brake

    the tone ring can be put in to the 9inch. I know a few people that can/will do it.One of the problems most dont like about it, is that you have to take some meat out of the 3rd member.Alot of the camaro/firebird drag racers do this when they swap in 9's. what most do is remote mount the sensor...
  7. canyoncritter

    Dana chop & fab help!!!!

    sounds like alot of work,to still have the weak link of the CV's.step gears and big tires is going to put the TQ multiplication of duramax type power on those CV's.just my thoughts.
  8. canyoncritter

    freaking Al gore........

    So yesterday(sunday) and saturday were both nice sunny hot days.Perfect weather for being a perv and going to the beach and looking at women in bikinni's and what not.........But I had to work.But I get today, and tuesday off. Wake up all ready to head for the beach with sun, to find its cool...
  9. canyoncritter

    auto sterring column in to 5spd...and tilt

    my truck 91 ranger 5spd 4x4 no frills. no tilt, crusie etc.custom ign by a failed car theif. cant get the ign cylinder out. tryed drilling it on out, tried drilling the "lock/catch" pin...no luck. found a 91 ranger auto, w/ tilt, so Im told wasnt 100% sure. has the key etc for a fair price...
  10. canyoncritter

    taking apart resi shock.

    first pull the shock off the truck, duh... make sure the rod is pulled up as far it is will go(extended), this will make you're life easier king or the knock off kings, You will need to leave the charge, or hit them with a few pounds (30 psi or so)of shop air to pull the dust cap.if you...
  11. canyoncritter

    D44 TTB Swap - Axle Cut Info Pictures?

    every thought about putting a 2 inches worth of lift in the pivot brackets.As that help's alot with the axle shafts binding
  12. canyoncritter

    How To Lower An 83 Ranger?

    thats very true about the spindles and beams. something you could do, swap out to the newer beams and spindles. buy the beams for the 89-97 and get the spindlas from a 89-94, or you could even get the spindles and brake's from a 95-97 ranger and get the dual pistion bolt on cal's....just...
  13. canyoncritter

    DJ safety

    Dj safety, I bought a pair of limit straps from them not long ago.Their customer service over the phone was great, the limit straps are great,shipping was crazy fast. And cheaper than all the other brands I could find by a few bucks. http://www.djsafety.com/index.html So if your in the...
  14. canyoncritter

    good bye public land....

    wilderness land, = no OHV's no trucks,dirt bikes etc etc......so who all dose this affect here in their off road habits?.... gives a semi run down on what land was taken http://energy.senate.gov/public/_files/publiclandsomnibusbill2009.pdf march 26 2009 2:00PM PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- By a...
  15. canyoncritter

    NRA, free membership

  16. canyoncritter

    Stop the ban....youth bikes and ATV's

    Join the effort to stop the ban on youth motorcycles and ATVs. The links and letter-generators found here will help you send an important message to legislators and regulators. Please use them. And please encourage others to visit this site and do what they can, too...
  17. canyoncritter

    4.56's installed

    the 4 banger and 33;s you would be better off with 4.88's if its a 80% or better daily driver, and 5.13's if its more of a weekend toy. the 4banger and 31's 4.56 work perfect for. just to give you a ideal, I have the OHV 4.0L with 33's and run 4.56's,has the power of a stock truck. get 17-18...
  18. canyoncritter

    ford 9 inch locker options?

    why not a spool? Other than in u turns and parking lots and a spool is easier to drive on the street than a locker.As they as more predictable around normal driving corners and such.And they are only 150-200 in general. U-turns and parking lots are not really that much worse than a...
  19. canyoncritter

    Am I on METH?

    are you picking at your face,chewing your tounge,creating a project out of toilet paper, popcicle sticks, and duct tape? Do you know your going to become rich by striping the coper out of telephone cord wire?... Did you post this while you were hidng under a bush, stealing the neighbors...
  20. canyoncritter

    a rule Im not aware of?

    Is there a rule Im not aware of, that states that if someone makes assumptions about you,or something you have for sale your not allowed to defend yourself over it?