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  1. Extension housing help

    I’m looking for an extension housing for a 2001 4.0 manual 4x4. I can find the housing with no sensor no problem but not the extension housing with the sensor. Anyone know of a part number or a place I can order one? The local parts store ordered me one and it showed up with out the...
  2. Freeze Plug blew out of head 99 4.0

    Just left for work and got a huge steam cloud. Turns out the freeze plug on the back of the driver side head blew out. Found the plug in my drive way. Can I get a new one in with out pulling the head? Will one of the screw/expandable plugs work or are they just a band aid? Help me please...
  3. vin code X OHV or SOHC 1999

    I have a 99 ranger with the 4.0 that I thought was a SOHC but after checking the vin now I aint sure. the engine code 8th place in vin is X so is it a OHV or SOHC?
  4. blown head gasket or cracked head, help.

    1999 4.0 ranger 4x4 stock, 117K So on my way home the temp gauge jumped to hot, pulled over noticed the coolent res was empty and I figured I had a leak in heater hose or such. Nursed it home, pulled dip stick and its super full IE coolent in crank case and as soon as I started it the upper...