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  1. Anyone have any tips about rebuilding a C5?

    A rebuild kit is $65 bucks from napa for me, so I think ill just go threw it while its out. I've been into th350s and a some Allison autos, and I've got all the tools to go threw it from a guy at work that said I could use his. I should be able to get a shift kit for it shouldn't I? I haven't...
  2. Howdy, from Northern Idaho!

    I've been on here off and on, there is a ton of great info on this site! That has been a huge up on my project! :headbang: Here is my 89 Bronco II D30 sased, siting on 35" Kevlar's! Have disk 8.8 in the rear with around 8.5-9"s of lift. Belltech 6400 shackles with 2wd F150 leafs in the rear and...
  3. Anyone in North Idaho?

    Any one around North Idaho? :headbang:
  4. Stang 5.0? 96 explorer 5.0? 97.5 explorer 5.0?

    I'm not sure if I'm just siking myself out on the swap. I've spent hours reading, and searching. I just can't figer out which one would be the easiest to swap into a 89 Bronco II. I fully understand that the 97.5+ have the GT40P heads which are the best factory heads. But because of the PATS...