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  1. wheel well lights illegal?

    Hi, I have 2015 Ranger and would like to install wheel well lights. Mainly this is just for added aesthetic cause it looks really cool at night.. I think this is also a safety feature for added visibility but I read from other forums that a guy was given a ticket because it is illegal. Any...
  2. Gun rack in 2020 supercrew

    Thanks, I think that is how I would like it to be installed too. Great info. HNY!
  3. Gun rack in 2020 supercrew

    Hi, I just got an 08 Ranger that was handed down to me by my brother in law. The first thing I want to install is a truck gun rack. I just got my CCW and been checking the internet what's available. There's this buyer's guide CarPartsHome that I read for truck gun racks and I saw one that can be...
  4. Muffler suggestion please

    Look for Borla exhausts. Lots of options to choose from!
  5. Brighter Headlights?

    If you go for LED's try the 15,000 lumens and 6500 kelvin temp. Anything higher lumens will glare oncoming traffic.
  6. Which grille looks better

    I prefer the one on the right. But you might want to black out the grill.
  7. new member

    Hi all, I have an 08 Ranger and it's handed down to me by my brother in law. I am fond of 4x4 trucks but this is my first time to own one. Everything will be new to me aside from what I love doing is car detailing, hiking, downhill mountain biking and eating outdoors. I am looking forward to...