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  1. 08 FX4 SAS

    So the t-case has been working great. But now it's time to build a new track bar...oops. The snow was great this weekend though! Managed to straighten out the track bar with my winch and keep going all day (y)
  2. 08 FX4 SAS

    T case was leaking from a couple spots so decided it was time for a rebuild. New bearings and seals going in. Surprisingly everything looks good in there. Should have it back in very soon.
  3. 08 FX4 SAS

    Went camping for a few nights last weekend in Nakusp and found some hot springs. About a 5 hour road trip from home. Didnt find as much snow as we were hoping but it was still a blast.
  4. 08 FX4 SAS

    Started building an Explorer rear diff. Im not doing a full build just wanted the more available axle shafts and disc brakes. Im doing a truss, anti-wrap bar, and using stock axle shafts. Ill just swap in my spool and gears from the old axle when im ready.
  5. 08 FX4 SAS

    Got out to play in the snow a bit. We made it pretty far up then had to hike the rest of the way to the mountain peak. Stayed the night in a nice cabin at the bottom. Was a great time.
  6. 08 FX4 SAS

    Got my front skid plate built today. Very simple. Should do the trick.
  7. 08 FX4 SAS

    I honestly don't know for sure. Look legal enough to me though. Lots of vehicles I see on the road have taillights that aren't visible from the side. Should be fine 🤞 Edit: I just looked up the motor vehicle act and it looks like these lights are acceptable. Tail lamps 4.15 (1)A motor...
  8. 08 FX4 SAS

    Got my reverse lights in and mounted a new light bar up front. Should be nice for the dark winter months. I also built a front skid plate for under my rad. Should be able to get it welded this weekend. Ill post some pics when its on.
  9. 08 FX4 SAS

    I had to get my truck legal so I whipped these up last night. Aluminum flashing from work and some trailer lights from princess auto. Should do the trick. I left room underneath for future reverse lights.
  10. 08 FX4 SAS

    There's a guy in my area making them out of his garage along with weld on rock sliders. I'm not sure if he's on here though
  11. 08 FX4 SAS

    Crossover steering is all done. T-case skid plate is on. Did some wheeling. Dented both box sides and broke both my tail lights..lol Also buddy in his Jeep broke an axle shaft. Was an eventful day.
  12. 08 FX4 SAS

    Its back on 4 wheels! All thats left is to bend my tie rod a bit. Buddy with the bender wasn't available yesterday but Ill get it done this week. Heres a before and after of the steering setup. Huge difference. I also got some of the welding done on my sliders yesterday so those will be next.
  13. 08 FX4 SAS

    More progress with the steering. Turns out most people that do this knuckle swap switch to 17" wheels. When I started mocking things up, everything hit. The tie rod ends and calipers rubbed bad. So I had to shave the calipers a bit and get straight non-offset tie rod ends. Now of course my tie...
  14. 08 FX4 SAS

    WJ Knuckle Swap is well under way. Just waiting on some tube adapters to build a new drag link and tie rod. Then need to fab new track bar mounts.
  15. 08 FX4 SAS

    Just got back from a decent overnight trip. Met up with a bunch of other guys from the BC Ranger Club and did Thurston Mountain. Over 600Kms of highway with 3 SAS'd Rangers and a hell of a climb to 1600 meters. The trucks did great and we had a blast. Now that I've got a few trips out of my...
  16. 08 FX4 SAS

    Finished beefing up the mounts for the bumper. No more watching it flex and worrying about it ripping off the frame. Also got the truck back in camping mode.
  17. 08 FX4 SAS

    Ya we are about half Rangers half jeeps. The Red one is my best friend and the black one is my dad. I took the wings off temporarily while I reinforce the front crossmember. I don't like how much it flexes when I'm winching. They'll be back on tomorrow. I do like the plate wings better though...
  18. 08 FX4 SAS

    More wheeling pics. Postill Lake area on Canada Day 🇨🇦
  19. 08 FX4 SAS

    The truck has been getting a workout. Working great. No major issues so far. Have a bunch of trips planned for this summer so I'm leaving it as is for now. I did bend a wheel slightly though. I'll be hammering that straight tonight.
  20. 08 FX4 SAS

    Thats better