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  1. adsm08


    Guy a few doors down works on motorcycles out of his garage. In the summer he likes to go tearing up and down the street right about my kids' bed time. Every night I hear him do that I fantasize about sitting out in the front yard with the deer rifle as he goes by.
  2. adsm08

    2.3L ('83-'97) Wiper motor removal

    Disconnect intake air temperature sensor (IAT sensor) (12A697). Remove air cleaner outlet tube (9B659). Remove accelerator control splash shield (9E766). Disconnect electrical connections to: Throttle position sensor (TP sensor) (9B989) Idle air control valve (IAC valve) (9F715)...
  3. adsm08

    Headers 87 2.9 4x4

    No. They'd only fit 2 years, so nobody does. You can use the 88+ set, buy you need to delete the EGR and change the cat for a later one.
  4. adsm08

    Rebuilding a wrecked 2019

    I think your mystery sensor is the ambient air temp sensor. Your picture shows approx the correct location for that.
  5. adsm08

    Help me pick an oil, should I/how should I switch to synthetic

    By 2000 the 4.0 was the only engine Ford hadn't respeced to 5W20, because the tensioners didn't like the thin stuff. I generally agree with the advice to stick with whatever the manual calls for, but the 3.0 Vulcan is an old design going way back to the days when 10W-30 was considered thin...
  6. adsm08

    88 Bronco 2, no headlights unless you switch from low to high beam, then they work fine

    Alternatively, and much cheaper, you could convert to a foot switch. $25 for a quality switch, $12 for a connector, a few bucks for wiring supplies. Cut the red/yellow wire at the MFS and attach to the center post of the foot switch, the red/black double wire is your highs, the green/black...
  7. adsm08

    2.3L ('83-'97) Wiper motor removal

    You are using the wrong tool. You don't have to take the wiper motor out to get to any of that. Not according to the instructions anyway. I don't exactly have one here in front of me to test things on.
  8. adsm08

    88 Bronco 2, no headlights unless you switch from low to high beam, then they work fine

    Multifunction switch is easy. Gotta get the 2 philips screws out of the shrouds, get the two T-20 screws out of the switch, and get it unplugged. That last bit is the hard part. I just did mine today for the exact same symptom. Main light switch is harder, but if your headlights work at all it...
  9. adsm08

    Standard Cab Long Bed VS Step Side Compatability?

    If the bed lengths match they will physically interchange. Your 11 will have two bolt holes that a 2000 won't have. They didn't move, they are just extra. Fuel filler neck might cause issues.
  10. adsm08

    DIY maintenance

    Stay far away from the 2.7L. New ones are being built with an oil pump drive belt. Older ones that are replaced are being retrofitted with the same stupidity over the chain-driven ones they originally had. If you had to do that timing belt on the side of the road you might as well just walk...
  11. adsm08

    Frustrating .22LR

    Well the public range was crowded and dad is busy so he can't take me to the private range today. I found a spot in the woods behind the house with a good back stop and not pointing particularly in the direction of any houses (there is on in that direction, but its almsot 1/4 mile away through...
  12. adsm08

    Looking for some help with my 94 Ford ranger

    Given the quality of and the lack of detail in the original post I'd say #3 has happened along with something else.
  13. adsm08

    Looking for some help with my 94 Ford ranger

    EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Your exhaust should have no transmission fluid in it, so it didn't come from there. Why do you think ATF is in the engine oil?
  14. adsm08

    Looking for a Mentor, pretty please with sprinkles on top

    Google works just fine on a Ranger. Every Google search I have ever done pertaining to a Ford Ranger, a Polaris Ranger, and even a few about the Texas Rangers (Law enforcement division and Sportsball team) have lead me right back here.
  15. adsm08

    Looking for a Mentor, pretty please with sprinkles on top

    If you are yard shopping a tank from a 93 should also fit, and possibly a 92. 1995 started OBDII and I don't know what differences may come about from that. Unplugging the MAF should let it run just fine if that is indeed the issue. What exactly does it do or not do? Is it a crank no start...
  16. adsm08

    2.3L ('83-'97) So.... Still Need Help..... Freezing My Thighs Off Every Time I Drive

    No, it is there, you just have to know how to access it. MAX AC on a full heat setting is functionally recirc heat.
  17. adsm08

    Frustrating .22LR

    I'm not sure what the actual protrusion is, I don't have a depth micrometer at home that will fit in there. It appears to come about flush with the outer end of the relief for the base of the cartridge. There is a spot on the chamber opposite the firing pin. It could be from a dry fire, or it...
  18. adsm08

    Frustrating .22LR

    That may be. Just need to take a file and take a bit off the stop.
  19. adsm08

    Frustrating .22LR

    It was advertised as new reproduction, and I was unable to find any signs of use on it before I installed it. I'm also now kind of wondering if it just needs broken in a bit.
  20. adsm08

    Frustrating .22LR

    None of the above. It's a 346K which I found production dates ranging from 1958 to about 1962 IIRC. Certain details of the gun itself make me tend to believe it is on the earlier end of that spectrum.