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  1. 1freaky1

    9" Detroit Locker ?

    I am looking into getting a Detroit locker for my 9" and see that they have them in two different bearing sizes for the 31 splined axle, they are 2.97" and 3.25" bearings. Of course the larger 3.25 needs to use an after market carrier to accommodate for the larger bearings. Has anyone on here...
  2. 1freaky1

    Sticky Situation

    Ok so I got the SAS done on my 02 Ranger and the front passenger caliper is sticking really bad and won't release until the rotor completely cools down and even then it sticks again the 1st time you push the brake pedal. These are the factory disc brakes on the 78 D44 I installed on the truck...
  3. 1freaky1

    Top Ten Reasons

    Top 10 Reasons Men Prefer Guns Over Women #10 You can trade your old 45 for a new 22 #9 You can keep 1 gun at home & have another for when your on the road #8 If you admire a friends gun & tell him so, he'll let you try it out a few times #7 Your primary gun doesn't mind if you keep another for...
  4. 1freaky1

    Gasket question

    I have been trying to find out what the thickness is for the outer gasket(axle flange) on a 9" anyone have any ideas? Also wondering what material it is made from, at work we got this new (at least to us) white plastic material for making gaskets out of any of you ever see it before or know what...
  5. 1freaky1

    1356 Transfer case

    Is anyone using this transfer case on their rangers? Does anyone know the difference in the gear ratio between the 1354 & 1356? I know the chain is close to the same length but the case on the 1356 looks a bit longer than the 1354. I did not have a tape measure with me to measure it. I am...
  6. 1freaky1

    1354 ?

    My 02 ranger has the electric shift transfer case which means it has the cup style yoke for the front drive shaft. Now here is my question; Will the regular yoke from an earlier 1354 swap out with the cup style yoke or not? I picked up a drive shaft that has the double cardan joint and want...
  7. 1freaky1

    Colorado Meet & Greet Aug.7th

    We are doing a BBQ at our home on this date for all Colorado members if you want to come out and meet other members. PM me for address and phone # Looking forward to meeting those of you we have not met yet.
  8. 1freaky1

    A few Bumpers I have made

    These are all built per vehicle. 95 FS Bronco This was all done in 11ga. plate Another FS Bronco he wanted a Pre-runner style This rear bumper is on Monsterburbans huge recovery rig, it is built as a sectional bumper so he can remove certain parts. And a Toyota FJ rear tube bumper, had...
  9. 1freaky1

    Speedometer Suggestions needed

    Since switching over to the 9" rear axle and this is getting closer to being done I need to start thinking of a way to get some sort of speedometer set up on the 02 ranger. Any proven ideas is definitely welcome. Thank you.
  10. 1freaky1

    Cat Converters?

    Anyone tell me why on my 02 Ranger they have 4 cats on it? What would it hurt if I removed the two small front ones on the exhaust drops?
  11. 1freaky1

    ABS & Dana44

    I am currently swapping in a full size D44 & 9" and would like to know what kind of problems I can expect with out having the ABS sensors. Does anyone know if or what I will have to do w/ the ABS assembly?
  12. 1freaky1

    Yet another axle swap

    Well this last weekend I finally started my axle swap. I pulled out the 8.8 LS w/4.10s and installed my full width 9" w/4:88s and then started gutting the front IFS for the full width Dana 44. Yesterday I got all the front suspension removed to include mounting brackets, rack n pinion, and...
  13. 1freaky1

    Hello again

    I was on here before but my account disappeared so I am redoing another account. I am from Thornton, CO. I have been building rangers since 93 and pretty much enjoyed them all along even with the problems and road blocks that have popped up. Currently on my 5th one and it is the only one that...