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  1. Will

    For Sale RBV Parts for sale.

    All prices negotiable. Exploder (31-spline) 8.8 with 4.10s and discs, with an armored TRS cover, Ford trac-lok set up with spring pads to fit a '96 Ranger--$200 '91 Ranger (28-spline) with 4.10s and drums and a Lock-Right locker--set up with spring pads to fit an '89 BII, with wheel...
  2. Will

    Badlands ORP Next Week

    I'm planning to go to the Badlands next week. Going to stick to the bunny trails--avoid bashing up the bodywork on my Toyota. Haven't decided which day--will be during the week. Anyone interested let me know.
  3. Will

    Treadwright Tires

    https://www.treadwright.com/ Decided to try these tires. I generally go for some cheap Asian tires, but these are made in Texas and the same price (about $500 for 4 of them). Not bad for 32" mud tires. They look like the tread pattern of the original Kumho Venture MT. There are some videos of...
  4. Will

    Dana 35 spindle nut tool

    Weird thing. I am putting my 1995 Ranger front end back together and the tool I have always used (Performance Tool W1269) doesn't fit the inner adjustment nut. So I miked it, and instead of being 2.25", it is 2.45". I guess I'm going to have to buy a tool with just the prongs. Anyone know...
  5. Will

    Happy B-Day USMC

  6. Will

    My new book is done...

    finally. It will be on Amazon in a few days. My computer isn't able to use the toolbar buttons on TRS, but this is the link on my site: http://hstrial-wwills.homestead.com/Writing.html When I was messing around in college I bet my literature professor that I could write a full-size novel in a...
  7. Will

    New bike

    I just got this thing--it was a beach rental. Some choppers from Atturbury flew by while I was taping the kids riding it so I added them. I beat out a little chase on the drums. I didn't think the tiny mic on my Sansa Fuze would be any good, but other than not being able to hear the hat, it works.
  8. Will

    Indiana Banner Thread

    I'm in Columbus, 38 miles due south of Indy on I65.
  9. Will

    After thunderstorm

    We had our regularly scheduled evening thunderstorm tonight. I went out soon after to hammer on my drumset in the barn and the sky was a weird yellow to the west and there was a rainbow to the east.
  10. Will

    D Day

    Tomorrow is June 6, the 66th anniversary of the D Day landing at Normandy. I was in Gettysburg, PA this past week observing the battlefield on which the USA has suffered the most casualties of any battle ever. In 1994 I was at Normandy. I was a member of the Marine Security Guard Detachment...
  11. Will


    I bought some Geo-Trac tires for my Chevy 3/4 pickup 3.5 years ago because they were cheap--like $480 mounted and balanced. I drove it a year and they were worn out. I kept driving it a little when I bought my Honda Civic, but the Civic is dead and I'm tire hunting again for the Chevy. I...
  12. Will

    Oil a physician...

    I buy Chinese-built things because even if they break, the operator's manual is a great read. I bought this engine after the Obamacare vote. So apparently, in lieu of the payment the doctors would normally receive...
  13. Will


    Warrior Fighting Vehicle VS Case IH Quadtrac These each weigh 50,000#. I think the steel tracks just grip better on that surface. I can't believe they did this.:headbang: VIDEO
  14. Will

    Happy Birthday

  15. Will

    Image resolution

    Does anyone know how to increase the resolution on an image without shrinking it? I need a couple 96x96 drawings increased to 300x300.
  16. Will

    Factory Pubs...

    A huge amount of information on '99-up--which would also be useful for '87- trucks, and anyone else for that matter. http://www.gmupfitter.com/body_builder_manuals.html
  17. Will


    This event was the peak of TRS for me. I was motivated; we were doing things together a few times a year. Now, 5 years on, it's just a website. It's a good website, but not having a couple events a year has really hurt things. I think we should have a TRS event every year no matter where or...
  18. Will

    Motivational article....

    This is from the LA Times. I lived in Sierra Leone, a little north of Ghana and there was a shop just like this with guys putting ancient Puegots and such back into service. It's amazing what these guys can do with almost no tools.
  19. Will

    New boat finished.

    Full building gallery >>LINK<< This was my spring project. I strive to build a boat each year. I think this is #7 completed. I also have a 26' wood dory (getting a 20hp Kubota diesel I attached a marine gear on) framed up in the back yard I hope to get working on soon. Anyway, this is a 13'...
  20. Will

    Telephone Pole

    Anyone know where I can get a telephone pole? I want one to put a treehouse on. We don't have any good treehouse grade trees, just forest trees without real limbs.