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  1. ecgreen

    Dana 35 with and without ABS

    I am Searching for a dana 35 to swap into my 89 BII. Some are listed with ABS and some without. What exactly is the physical difference in in the axle with an ABS model? Can I swap an ABS axle into a non-ABS truck?
  2. ecgreen

    Wanted WANTED- Dana 35 in New.England

    Anyone have a dana 35 somewhere in new england you would like to sell? I am having the darndest time finding one up here.
  3. ecgreen

    Mazda Navajo Dana 35?

    Did the Mazda Navajo have a dana 35?
  4. ecgreen

    For Sale 89 BII Chrome bumpers (and more stuff)

    For sale: 2 chrome bumpers in great shape -> 150 1 motorcraft steering box (sloppy but works) -> 100 I live near Concord NH. Pick-up only.
  5. ecgreen

    2.9 steering pressure hose o-ring or no?

    Thread title says it all. Is there suppose to be an o-ring?
  6. ecgreen

    What limites travel on a TTB?

    I was playing around with my TTB axle today (sway bar removed) and it looks like the limiting factor is the shock. Is this true? Seems like a bad idea offroad.
  7. ecgreen

    Gosh darn dang rattle from 2500 to 3000 RPMs

    OK, I have a rattle in my 2.9 only from 2500 to 3000 RPMs. The rattle does not get faster with acceleration as far as I can tell. Also, if I use a heavy throttle, I don't hear the rattle. Compression is good, all new fuel system, new vacuum lines, fresh gaskets all around. I am inclined to...
  8. ecgreen

    Mabbcomotors any good?

    https://www.mabbcomotors.com/catalog/auto/national-long-block-program-no-core-required/manufacturer/ford/ford-29-177-premium-long-block-1989-1992-ohv-no-core-required-1-year-limited-warranty/ Prices are great...usually means crap. Anyone have experience with these rebuilds?
  9. ecgreen

    SOLVED(ISH) - 89 Bronco II sway bar bushing mystery

    Swapping out the sway bar bushings on my 89 BII. The bar to frame bushings that are sold for the 89 BII are all too short. The ones for sale are around 2 11/16 inches high (bracket height) and mine is around 3 3/8 inches high. The part number is E97A-5484-AB. I can't find any polyurethane...
  10. ecgreen

    Mistery wiring and aftermarket stuff

    I am cleaning up the wiring on my 89 BII. I found what I think is an aftermarket car alarm. Let me know what you think. There are a few questions in here too..check it out. There is a horn of some sort on the driver's side in the engine bay (all of this is driver's side). The horn, as well as a...
  11. ecgreen

    89 BII starter relay wiring double check

    OK, I moved my relay and power distribution box for a snorkel install and forgot to take a pic of the relay...dirp. Just want to double check my wiring with the pros. First of all, starters are not directional, right? So it doesnt matter which side I put power on? OK, so on one large terminal I...
  12. ecgreen

    Wire identification

    Howdy ya'll! I am cleaning up the wiring on my 89 BII and I have a question. I swapped out my stock air box for an inline air filter that works better with my snorkel. On the stock air box there was some sort of ground plugged onto a nipple (hehe) on the air box lid. This wire joins another wire...
  13. ecgreen

    1992 Ranger Dana 35?

    I just need someone to double check me. A front axle out of a 1992 Ranger will be a Dana 35, right? They didn't put any other axles in those trucks during 1992 if I am correct. About to buy one sight unseen, so I just want to be sure that this was all that was available.
  14. ecgreen

    JBA header fit on 89 manual?

    Anyone ever use the JBA headers on an 89 manual BII? Old posts say folks have had issues with Pacesetter fitment. How about the JBA headers? Are they plug and play? https://www.jegs.com/i/JBA/578/1632S-1/10002/-1?year=1989&make=FORD&model=BRONCO+II&submodel=XL
  15. ecgreen

    Steering Gear Box Brands?

    I posted this in the BII forum, but I shoulda posted here. I need a new steering gear box for my 89 Bronco II. I am inclined to buy the Motorcraft brand. Does anyone have any experieince with the cheaper ones? I have heard horrible reviews of the Cardone brand gear boxes. Any others you guys...
  16. ecgreen

    Steering gear box brands

    Are any of the steering gear boxes besides motorcraft any good?
  17. ecgreen

    Warped valve covers

    Put a straight edge on my valve covers and they are warped up to around 1/32 of an inch in certain spots. Advice/tips on how to straighten them out? I am thinking place them on a 2x6 and pound them out as best as I can.
  18. ecgreen

    1990 ranger blower motor cover for an 89 BII?

    Will a 1990 ford ranger heater blower motor cover (the plenum on the engine bay side), fit my 1989 bronco II?
  19. ecgreen

    Fuel injector pounds per hour?

    How do I know what pounds per hour to choose when buying new injectors for my 2.9?
  20. ecgreen

    Wanted ISO Non a/c heater box (89 BII 2.9l)

    I am looking for a Non a/c heater box and plenum (I think thats what its called -> the cover on the inside of the engine bay) for my 89 Bronco II.