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  1. 06RangerXLT

    The Ontario Ranger Club Spring BBQ

    Hey guys, just had an AWESOME turnout, one of the best yet for the 2013 year of meets and events! Counted over 40 trucks, from all over ontario. some guys 3+ hours away! On to the pics!
  2. 06RangerXLT

    my picture whoring thread/spring build

    Since i am a big fan of taking pics, and the summer is right around the corner, its time for the spring build. its a large change to the truck that will greatly improve performance and ride. Im finally ditching the daily driver parts. so far, everything except rear shocks has been ordered. Parts...
  3. 06RangerXLT

    My budget went out the window, so i need some parts help.

    Hey, need some clarification on a few parts, maybe some can help. I have a long list of parts coming, and need to figure out what im missing. I kinda want to bolt it all together without missing things. I am going with Deaver F31's, id like to flip my hanger, use a kartek 1.5" drop hanger and...
  4. 06RangerXLT

    Going to try and fix my auto before i drop in a stick.. Need your help please!

    Alright here it goes. I have a 5R55e with 95,000kms. About 60,000 miles. I have delayed shift from rev to drive, i have a lack of torque coming out of the transmission. I can push my foot down, hold the truck at 3000rpm and it will stay there the whole time till it hits about 4th and 5th. I...
  5. 06RangerXLT

    Transmission swap questions 5R55e to M5OD

    Hey guys, I have a 2006 Ranger 4.0 SOHC Auto 5R55E. I want to do a manual swap and have found a 1999 Ranger xlt 4.0 OHV 2wd stick. It has a M5OD non HD, I know the trans will bolt up, and im capable of that. Im confused as to the computer systems. I checked the tech library, and i have no idea...
  6. 06RangerXLT

    Wisconsin Members

    Hey all, Looking to see if any wisconsin members are interested in meeting up. Im currently in appleton, will be in wausau today and headed for tomahawk tonight. If anybody wants to meet up for a coffee, im game. I have my truck all the way from Toronto Ontario. best way to contact me is...
  7. 06RangerXLT

    BC Ranger Club

    Hey guys, I wanted to help get the word out about a new ranger club in BC Canada. For those who dont know, Brandon over at BC Supertrucks is heading it up, and looks like hes got a good start. My group started with a few guys, and in 1 year we have 160 members! Join up, check out the awesome...
  8. 06RangerXLT

    E-Brake pictures Please

    Hey, Looking for some help on my E-Brake as i have a drive test for my full unrestricted licence. I have the chevy 64's swapped in, and need t fab up a bracket to holt the cables as my hanger is moved forward. Thanks so much, gotta get this done ASAP. have to also put a new windshield and swap...
  9. 06RangerXLT

    Which gears? 8.8

    Hey, trying to get a bit better MPG. im running 33's, and 4.56's now and its killing my MPG. I want to drop to either a 4.10 or 4.30. Which do you think is best? :icon_thumby:
  10. 06RangerXLT

    The Pre-Runner Photo Thread: Post your ideas, projects and modifications!

    So i was looking for a picture of glass with wider tires, had the hardest time finding these things. when spending thousands, its nice to see what it looks liek first. post your upgrades, mods, build pics here so that we can skim through them if theres something were looking for. Be specific...
  11. 06RangerXLT

    Rear leaf questions

    Been a while since i posted here.... im running chevy 64's in my truck, a hybrid. heres the stack: Chev 64 main ranger OEM main with eyes cut off Ranger secondary Chev64 Final with clamps No overload What i have to play with: Chev 64 3+ overload Ranger stock 3+ overload now it rides like a...
  12. 06RangerXLT

    My daily driver "Prerunner"

    So, as id love some extra opinions on the mods ive done thus far, im going to switch from posting my mods in the show off section to here. My old thread was removed, so here i am with a couple updates. Yesterday myself and 3 friends did the chevy 64 swap on my truck, with new rancho RS9000's...
  13. 06RangerXLT

    Overhead console install help needed asap!

    Hey! need a hand with some stuff. its in and connected, but i dont have a greay/black wire on my junction box in my 2006, and my temp sensor is telling my OHC its 30F outside, when its about 75F. Please let me know how i can fix these two issues. ive got no idea where to attach the speed...
  14. 06RangerXLT

    Shock valving questions for someone who knows this stuff

    Alright, after i get my chevy 64's arched and installed, im looking at FOA shocks to put in my daily driver. My question is about valving, as ive never valved shocks before, and i see options when ordering. I dont have plans to jump the truck (risk of damage is too high for my DD) but i do...
  15. 06RangerXLT

    Offroad trip to raglans

    Video \/ :icon_thumby:
  16. 06RangerXLT

    just a quicky for ya ;)

  17. 06RangerXLT

    My 2006 2WD Ext. Cab

    Alright, since i cant find my old thread, Its time for a new one. Were a little quiet at work, so I just got new pictures. Any comments or suggestions would be great! Just saw looking at the pictures, i have a broken sway bar link! gotta get that fixed up. Specs: 2006 Ranger XLT Ext Cab 2WD...
  18. 06RangerXLT

    gimmie a hand here guys, radio trouble

    Alright, truck has been great thus far. fire up my truck, drive away as normal. driving down the road, radio cuts out. (still has power, no sound) i turn left, it comes back... OK....... keep goin, turn right... gone..... :annoyed: loose power to the amp? it crackels when it loses sound, and i...
  19. 06RangerXLT

    06 ranger 2wd 4.0 question

    ok, got a question on something, hope its not a problem with my truck. I have a rattle, lol let me elaborate. I only get this rattle from a stand still, under medium to hard acceleration. It sounds like a heat shield rattle almost. like a piece of sheet metal flapping against something hard...
  20. 06RangerXLT

    might wanna take a look at this one...

    http://americancensorship.org/ sounds a little shady, but if its true that would SUCK:bawling: