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  1. Ramcharger90

    Ford Motorsports collectables.

    Found this on a Ford motorsports page. Thought it would be appreciated. Now I want one. Anyone else have Motorsports collectables?
  2. Ramcharger90

    Time for adjustment?

    So my T5Z has been falling out of gear when its cold in the first few miles when its cold out and not up temp yet when going in to work or when leavening. Is that normal for a T5? Or do you guys think I should adjust my clutch? Old picture couldn't find the up to date picture.
  3. Ramcharger90

    Frame compatibility 96-01

    So a friend of mine has a 96 his nephew wrapped around a pole. I found a 2 for 1 deal on a extended cab ranger and the guy is getting rid of a 01 frame. You guys think a 96 cab will fit on the 01 frame?
  4. Ramcharger90

    Healthy eating.

    Who is making Christmas dinner? I smoked Ham in a raspberry jam and maple syrup mix with pineapple juice. I also soaked a turkey in ocean spray cranberry apple and jim beam apple bourbon the meat is red now.... but it was good last time its smoking for 2hrs with a block of butter up its ass rn...
  5. Ramcharger90

    Wanted 1989-91 2wd frame

    Looking for a frame for my 1990 long bed 2wd regular cab
  6. Ramcharger90

    84-92 4bt swap

    So im looking for an 84-92 extended cab 4x4 so I can 4bt Cummins swap it and solid axle swap. So far I have the the 31 spline 8.8 I want to make a list in this thread on the parts I need to get still, Then turn this into a build thread. 84-92 Ranger extended cab 4bt Zf5 Np205 Front axle im...
  7. Ramcharger90

    Compatibility of frames?

    So I am probably gonna just buy a frame from the junk yard for my 90. Since my frame is bent I got to thinking about alot of f100 and hot rod guys i know use S10 frames for their projects simply because they have decent front suspension. But has anyone ever put a Ranger on an S10 frame?
  8. Ramcharger90

    7 qt oil pan fit?

    So I mught be pulling my engine to do a top end kit that I have and want to go over to a high volume pump and 7qt pan, since 5qt pans can be sucked dry from what I have heard. What oil pan have you guys used that will work in a 90 twin I beam with 4.0 rubber mounts?
  9. Ramcharger90

    Tesla air conditioning retrofit

    I might as well start out with... @PetroleumJunkie412 Has anyone ever tried to retro fit a Tesla ac system on anything yet? Im sure it can be done. I am interested in this for my truck and a 88 T-top GT that got a 4v swap done already but with the turbo going on we are trying to save on...
  10. Ramcharger90

    1990 ranger fuel tank and hanger

    Im looking into getting a fuel pump from a mustang. The ranger fuel pump wont push enough fuel to get the dyno tuning right. Will a after market fuel pump from a mustang fot in the ranger fuel pump hanger? What is the lph rating on a factory ranger pump anyway?
  11. Ramcharger90

    Fuse issue

    So I relocated the battery from the engine bay to a tool box on the bed. I ran three 2 awg wires one went to the frame, one went to the starter solenoid , one went from the top post of the alternator to the positive terminal on the battery. This one has a 60 amp fuse in between the alternator...
  12. Ramcharger90

    Expedition Oil filter relocation

    So I put a starter on an Expedition yesterday and noticed they come with a oil filter relocation kit from factory. Im sure this has been discussed before but maybe some worth rediscovering or adding to the tech section if it isn't already there. I might take a drive to the junk yard to grab one.
  13. Ramcharger90

    Deuce 92's

    I bought a 92 notchback, It's mostly stock and it has a powerdyne blower. And I have a 92 hatchback That needs completely restored. Oh can't forget the 5.0 Ranger The notchback has a powerdyne blower mostly stock otherwise. It did come with brand new in the box stage 2 (I believe it is)...
  14. Ramcharger90

    2.3L ('83-'97) Building one bad 2.3 Lima

    So I have a 2.3 lima from a 90 ranger lying around. I have heard of these dirt track guys turning 9k with these engines naturally aspirated and with a carb. So who knows these lil tricks and what needs done to the Lima to handlethis kinda power? I would like to build an all motor variant for...
  15. Ramcharger90

    Used to death....

    Thought this might be fun. Especially for guys that work in shops or even the back yard guys. I did the brakes on a 2013 VW Golf the other day. The rotor was a lil stuck, they obviously were the original rotors with 100k on the car.... gave it one good smack with a rubber mallet and behold....
  16. Ramcharger90

    90 manual steering box?

    So my 90's steering box/gear is leaking from the pitman arm. I think it has a tooth broken in it very sloppy steering even after alignment. The truck was hit 2 owners ago, ergo.... the bent frame.... so I was looking at napa since my friend gets everything at a cheaper rate then us supposedly...
  17. Ramcharger90

    For Sale 1990 dually ranger

    Contact Matt 7169036003 4.0 auto He is at Ford Nationals this weekend in Carlisle and if he has it still during Truck Nationals he will be there still. Said I could post it for him figured you guys would enjoy this.
  18. Ramcharger90

    Floppy Door Mirrors

    So I dont want to buy plastic replacement mirrors. I would like to just repaint my steel door mirrors but the driver side one always flops around..... I haven't looked at it or taken it apart yet, I dont want to leave the air conditioning right now either... has anyone fixed this I remember...
  19. Ramcharger90

    This guy needs a build thread

  20. Ramcharger90

    Internal slave cylinder adapter

    So My friend is building a roadster with a 2.3 and a m5odr1 the plastic line is waaaaayyyy to long does anyone now how to adapt a 3an line to the internal slaves fitting?