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  1. DirtBronco

    Combustion Chamber Bowling

    Carbides are on their way courtesy of Bezos and I'd like some opinions before shredding my heads. Yes, the consensus is the ports aren't great but the bowl design is abhorrent. It's almost like Ford intentionally shrouded the intake valve just for the 2.9. For reference: 2.8 vs 2.9 vs 4.0...
  2. DirtBronco

    1989 Build - Shambles

    I think by now it's appropriate I started a build thread to document the polishing of this turd. About a year and a half ago, I thought it'd be a good idea to buy a boat. After not 2 minutes of looking, I found one. 1980's Bayliner, outboard Chrysler(essential) engine, power trim, rotting deck...
  3. DirtBronco

    Wanted WTB: 1989-1990 Bronco II Fender Badges

    I'm looking for 2nd Gen BII fender badges. Indifferent to whether it says has XLT or not. Located in Georgia but willing to pay for shipping obviously.
  4. DirtBronco

    PITA Engine Trim Acquired

    Today I finally sourced what is possibly the most annoying-to-find and most commonly lost part in the 2.9 engine bay. Behold! The elusive throttle cable cover... Copped it off a purple ranger with swirly pinstriping. Oddly, the engine was stripped down to the short block but no one thought...
  5. DirtBronco

    BII/2nd Gen Ranger T-Case Question

    Is it normal to have the e-selector button tray on the dash in tandem with a manual transfer case lever? The buttons are blank, no 4x4/Low written on them, but there's have a noticeable click when I press them. From what I've seen on junkyard Rangers, there's usually a fake vent that goes...
  6. DirtBronco

    Rough, High Idle, Ticking -> Head Disassembly & Update

    I recently dumped some Seafoam in the tank and crankcase since the cars been sitting a while. Since then, it's been idling at 2000 while occasionally yo-yoing while ticking from the right bank. Before, it was idling at 1500, obviously still too high. For both cases, it's shaking pretty...
  7. DirtBronco

    Start. Idle. Dead.

    Hey guys, I'm new to the BII crowd, although I've lurked for quite a bit on this forum over the years for advice on 4 bangers. My '89 2.9 starts easily, cranks to 1,300 revs then idles at 800-900. After about 20 seconds, it completely dies. If I apply the gas, the revs will drop to near 0...
  8. DirtBronco

    Hello World

    Hey y'all. I've owned 2 rangers over the years, both RWD 2.3 manuals. Now I've been graced to have a Bronco II 4x4 fall into my lap, and it's got a sunroof! It has a myriad of things to fix, which will keep me busy for the foreseeable future but I bought it as a fun project. Look forward to...