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  1. Power Steering Question

    Ive looked into this quite a bit. The Ranger steering is over powered for the size of vehicle. Up until 98 it was still possible to get manual steering. The power steering unit was a parts bin add on that I believe was also used on the older F150. The 98+ power steering is so over kill that...
  2. Wanted Shift lever for manual trans

    Friendly Reminder. I will be in KOP on Tuesday if that makes things any easier. Just for a couple hours. I dont know my schedule yet but I am flexible.
  3. Wanted Shift lever for manual trans

    That would be awesome. I’d leave a six pack but I doubt it would last long.
  4. Wanted Shift lever for manual trans

    Ugh. I’m out towards West Chester now. I should update my profile.
  5. Wanted Shift lever for manual trans

    Looking for a shift lever for a manual trans. If any of you guys that have installed a hurst shifter or swapped a trans and may have one laying around let me know.
  6. 98 2.5l ford ranger performance/fuel mileage rebuild

    Can the big valves be easily added to the late DP head or is it better to switch to the old single plug head? Boport used to have the DP head on their website but I believe they took it off. Is there any other shops that can do a big valve install? Boport seems rather expensive.
  7. 98 2.5l ford ranger performance/fuel mileage rebuild

    So where is the biggest restriction on the air inlet side? The intake on the later engines seemed to be restrictive with small throttle bottles and really long runners. These were most likely to increase low end torque with improving fuel economy. The Boport build on the old head included...
  8. Bolt thread+Length 1998 ranger 2.5L exhaust manifold flange

    I just replaced mine but I couldnt tell you what they are. I cut mine off and took them to Advanced auto. They had the right size in their fastener section. Word of advice: Thoroughly chase the threads with a tap and apply anti-sieze. When I replaced my cat everything was rusted together...
  9. Question about the 2.5L

    I have not heard of the valve stem issue. Dual plug heads are the same regardless of the the engine. There is a difference with the valves between the single plug head and the dual plug head but many of the old mustang guys use the cam followers from the dual plug heads. I think you will be...
  10. DJM control arms.

    Looking to buy a set of upper and lower control arms. Seeing if anyone has a set laying around.
  11. PA State Inspection

    Anyone know if I will fail state inspection if I remove power steering? Manual steering was an option in '97. I have a '98. I cant swap the '97 manual steering so I plan on de-powerizing the '98 rack. Dont tell me its a stupid idea. I know that. Still want to do it.