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  1. 351ranger


    Look at this god awful ugly thing. http://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/cto/5629633023.html
  2. 351ranger

    2000 2.5 auto vibration at stop light

    I just bought this truck and it's got a vibration that I feel in the steering wheel and the floor while I'm in drive at a stop light. Its got 125000 miles but don't know much history on it. It's got an automatic trans. I just replaced the trans mount, I'm thinking about changing the engine...
  3. 351ranger

    4r44e questions

    I picked up a 2000 ranger 2wd 2.5L and I'm having some trans issues. I've been doing some research and found a few people are having similar problems but not exactly. For the most part it works ok but there is a whining sound that I hear as I slow down that sounds like a power steering sound...
  4. 351ranger

    Getting back in the rbv world!

    Heading out after work to pick up a 1988 bronco II from kentucky for $300. It has sat in michigan here for 8 years but runs and is really rust free. I'm guessing I'll be putting new brake lines and fuel lines and flushing the tank but hopefully it'll run ok. The guy says it starts with ether...
  5. 351ranger

    2001 sport trac braking problem

    I have an 01 sport trac that the brakes are acting funny on. Sometimes when I come to a stop in a parking space or just parking in my driveway it acts as though I'm on ice and im slipping and their is nothing to slip on. I just put new pads and shoes on it so not sure what would be causing this...
  6. 351ranger

    93 2.3 timing belt replacement

    Is it possible to advance the timing by a tooth when changing the timing belt? I bought the truck from my brother and he had replaced the belt and since then it seems like the slowest truck on the planet, also sputters on idle with good plugs. Thinking of advancing a tooth if it would help...
  7. 351ranger

    93 4 banger quits

    Anyone have a problem with their 4 cyl ranger just quiting and not starting back up til a couple hrs later? It's getting fuel its not the fuel pump or filter. I'm leaning towards a coil pack. What do ya think?
  8. 351ranger

    92 gmc

    Went from this 2wd: to this: to this: And finally this:
  9. 351ranger

    Big truck next to my little truck...

    Took a pic the other day and had to laugh. It will be real funny how small the ranger will look when I drop it!
  10. 351ranger


    Well, I've wheeled all over the place and never flopped. I buy a house with some big sand hills out back and what do I do? I flop. Oh well it's all in good fun!:icon_rofl:
  11. 351ranger

    Not a ranger but its my latest project

    Just got done doing a sas on my daily driver/ tow rig. It was a 2 wheel drive so I put a Hd dana 44 out of a '76 f-250 in it and I'm going to put a divorced np205 in it in a few weeks. At least it has some ford parts in it:headbang: Before And the final product
  12. 351ranger

    drop spindles for rangers?

    Is there a company that makes drop spindles for rangers? I've been searching on-line and can't find shit! A kid I work with wants to drop his 95 ranger and I thought spindles would be cheapest and easiest but I can't seem to find any. He said he might know a kid that has some but they are off a...
  13. 351ranger

    Few pics from Harlan, KY

    Here a few shots from harlan kentucky from yesterday, check em out: This one looks pretty damn funny, looks like jims truck is sitting on top of mine.:icon_rofl: Here are a few of jim in a rocky area. Enjoy!
  14. 351ranger

    My b2 build

    I figured I would post a few pics of the b2 from when I got it till now. See what ya think! When I first got it out of a junkyard: After the sas and before the wheel well chop: After wheel well chop: With my door I made: Pic of my bumper I made: And the chop! Not done obviously...
  15. 351ranger

    chopped the top

    Got a few hours in on chopping the top, still got a ways to go but its getting closer, see what ya think.
  16. 351ranger

    Fabbed a bumper for my b2

    Got the bumper all on, think it came out pretty good, Let me know what ya think...