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  1. 4.0 swap

    ok. im still having problems with it. no spark no fuel. turns over. no power at first inertia switch, i ran direct power to it and fuel pump came on. when i turn the key the red wire and all three yellows going to the coil are hot. any thoughts? :bawling::annoyed:
  2. motor swap help needed

    i have a 92 explorer dash and a 92 4.0 in my b2. turning the key engages starter, but no fuel pump or spark. gauges are reading funky too. any ideas? thanks do i need to splice the b2 inline h.p. fuel pump into the exploder harness?
  3. 1992 ecu

    i am doint the 4.0 swap in my b2 but the computer got wet. it has the california emissions crap. do i need the same ecu to replace it with or is there one that'll work? thanks