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  1. Rear Drum Brake Issue

    I have no idea why this keeps sticking! I have taken it apart and put it back together about 10 times now...sanded all contact points, greased the hell out of it and the boot still gets stuck! Any advice? http://youtu.be/vR6xYh3CeSs
  2. Sensor near the 02 sensor/cat

    recently my 88 B2 has been running awful...revs high and has almost no power output, can barely make it up my driveway. It sounds like a loud vacuum, so I figure it's related to the vacuum line. I was looking at the catalytic converter, found the 02 sensor (was pretty proud of myself for that)...
  3. Before and after pics 88 B2

    It's been a while since I posted here, but I appreciate all the help I have received along the way. Here is an update. Thinking about painting the mirrors black and either painting the wheels black or buying some black ones down the road. Other future plans include a 3" body lift and slightly...
  4. No fuel pressure, can hear fuel pump engage

    I want to fiddle with the fuel filter, but have gotten confused on this model. Where the inline filter should be, it looks more like an inline fuel pump. Is the only filter on this model the canister type further down the rail? What other things should I be looking at?
  5. the saga continues

    I took the hood off for some work I had been doing in the driveway and planned to finalize everything Friday after work. Well Friday afternoon we had a very heavy rainstorm and when I got home it wouldn't start. Engine would crank but not turnover and it made a peculiar thump sound every 2-3...
  6. trying to change my pick up coil

    how do I get this thing out of the way?
  7. TFI module mounting bolts

    I was replacing the TFI on my 88 B2 today, using a 7/32 specialty tool my neighbor gave me. I didn't think I had made any progress when wouldn't you know it, the TFI popped off and the bolts shot into the great unknown. I figured it would be fairly easy to find some replacements, but after 3...
  8. heater core firewall question

    I had just completed replacing the water pump in my 88 bronco ii and was feelin pretty proud of myself, until I turned it on and a leak in the hose running into the heater core firewall was spraying all over. I figured it was no big deal and bought a replacement hose. The clamp near the...
  9. removing the alternator V belt 88 B2

    I'm in the middle of changing out my water pump, got the belts off for the power steering and A/C by adjusting the tension bolts. I'm having a hard time figuring out the alternator. Is there more than the one obvious bolt to adjust tension? If so, where is it at? I've loosened the one and it...
  10. Looking for the technical term for this

    the valve that seems lonely without a sensor...what is the sensor called? I'm assuming that's the EGR valve or something related to emissions since it connects to the carbon box?
  11. Cool forum!

    I just joined last week and will probably ask a bunch of dumb questions. I was never interested in auto mechanics, never had anybody around to teach me. I bought an 88 Bronco II close to 2 years ago and have really grown to love the POS. I am motivated to learn the ropes and, not only keep it...