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  1. Colin

    Remote Start wiring questions

    04 b4000 2wd auto. Finishing up my remote start install, keep reading conflicting things online. Is there a nice convenient spot under the dash for tapping into the tach? Or do I need to dig through the big bundle that comes in from the engine bay? Does anyone have a pinout for the headlight...
  2. Colin

    PAG Oil Question

    How much oil should I put in the AC system? I'm replacing the condenser, receiver/drier, and orifice tube. And should I just pour it all in the drier? 04 4.0 Thank you
  3. Colin

    Adding Cruise

    Hi guys, Saw this article in the tech library https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/adding-cruise-control-to-your-ford-ranger/ and I think I'm going to try and do it with my truck (04 B4000 auto 2wd). I commute on the highway for work and depending on traffic it's anywhere from 40 mins to over...
  4. Colin

    Brake Lines

    If someone has posted this before I apologize. Rockauto carries most of the brake lines for the Ranger. OEM motorcraft ones for really cheap. I was going to make new ones for the rear axle but by the time I bought the flare tool and fittings it would be almost twice the cost of getting the...
  5. Colin

    Vacuum question

    04 4.0, this vacuum ball fell against the exhaust manifold and melted the lines. One line goes to the intake manifold and I'm not sure where the other one goes to. I'm going to have to pull the tire off to see through the wheel well. How important is that ball? Truck runs and drives fine.
  6. Colin

    31 spline 8.8 swap questions

    Going to be swapping in a Torsen 8.8 soon and just had a couple quick questions. When I get new ubolts made does anyone know the size off hand? I know the tube is 3.25" Also when I bought the axle I didn't get the leaf spring/ubolts plates, I assume the normal 8.8 plates won't work?
  7. Colin

    I'm back!

    Got another truck after like 6 years. 04 B4000 auto 2wd ext cab
  8. Colin

    2009 E250 Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2 Sensor

    Hey guys, Work van is throwing the following codes: P0135 - O2 sensor heater circuit b1s1 P0030 - HO2S heater control circuit b1s1 Pretty safe to assume I just need to change the sensor? Is it fairly straight forward to get at? Pull the doghouse and it's right there? Thanks in advance...
  9. Colin

    How to Install a 130 amp Alternator in Your Ranger

    Original Poster: Colin Difficulty: 2 out of 10 Time to install: Under an hour Vehicle: 1998 Mazda B4000 Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and...
  10. Colin

    High Beam Switch Problem

    Just noticed this last night, my high beams won't work if you push the multifunction switch forwards, but if you pull the switch back (like to flash your lights at someone) they come on and so does the indicator on the dash. So my question is; is the switch kaput? Or does it simply need...
  11. Colin

    Where's my horn?

    I keep looking for the damn thing everytime I'm under the hood, haven't seen it yet. :icon_confused:
  12. Colin

    Driving Around with a Bomb.

    Awhile ago I modified an inactive pineapple style hand grenade into a shift knob for my truck. My stock knob was doing the infamous "fly off the stick when shifting quickly in to 2nd or 4th" so I decided to go with something unique. I also trimed the shift boot down so it looked better.
  13. Colin

    Will a '93 Front bumper fit on a '98?

    Title says it all. Bolt-on? Move the mounts? Any help is appreciated! :icon_thumby:
  14. Colin

    Stuck Open Thermostat?

    Hey guys, think my thermostat is stuck open. The needle sits on cold for a long time (easily 20 mins) while driving in town, on the highway it comes up to normal after a minute or two. It's a '98 4.0L, is there a way I can check to see if the thermostat is operating properly, without ripping it...
  15. Colin

    17" Steels

    Anyone know of 17" steels that will bolt on to a ranger no problem?
  16. Colin

    Wobbly/Loose Headlight

    My pass. headlight housing is loose and wobbly, I think one of the lower bolts is either loose or broken. Am I correct in thinking this is a pain in the ass part to take out?
  17. Colin

    Freshly Painted Bumper

    My bumper was rusty and looking terrible :sad: so I wirewheeled all of the rust off, painted it a nice gloss black and added a stencil to the drivers corner. What do you guys think? Before: After :yahoo: : Did a similar stencil on the rear :D : Also I got a new shifter knob :headbang: :
  18. Colin

    Stripped a seat bolt Help!

    So while trying to remove my seats, so i could clean my filthy a$$ carpet i stripped the head on one of the torx bolts, holding the seat down, whats the easiest way to remove it?
  19. Colin

    Rim Question

    Hi guys, I just bought a '98 Mazda B4000 SX 4X4 and i need to grab two rims from the scrap yard. These are the rims i have now (I believe they are 15x7s): I was just wondering what other years have these rims and whether they were Mazda only or RBV as well.