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  1. blue88b2

    prerunner :)

  2. blue88b2

    powerstroke Progress.

    well i suppose I'd like to see what you guys think so far. So here's the update! This is the Totaled powerstroke i bought in march. I just did the Digital Camo yesterday. Got the idea from another member on TRS... Thanks Black dragon II! anyhow here ya are! daytime...
  3. blue88b2

    just bought another power stroke project

    well i missed my SD Diesel so much i had to get another diesel. And it was a smokin' great deal, I just couldn't stop myself.... not that I even tried. project details... 1997 ford F350 power stroke with 120,xxx ish miles. already has an ATS tranny, gauges, 4" turbo back straight pipe, 8"...
  4. blue88b2

    played in the mud

    had a good time, got stuck a lot, but we had a tractor handy, that was nice! -Jason
  5. blue88b2

    goodbye pizza cutters running gear swap done! Finished pics.

    well the 3/4 ton running gear is all in!!! Just breaking in the rear gears now... and last but not least a front driveline. For all you pizza cutter haters out there...Just got some used aluminum rims with 35x12.5 Swamper SSR's $300. Sorry they're in no particular order...
  6. blue88b2

    SAS 95% complete, flex shots

    THE Deed is done! Almost, Drive line, brake lines and steering to be finished! 4" lift leaf springs for an explorer, 6" shackle sitting on 34x9.5 tsl's I don't think it's too high,, It sure settled down from when it was at droop! And flexes really well! better after the 63" rear...
  7. blue88b2

    thrashed 93 going on 3/4 tons

    So I bought this ranger on Jan 19, 2010. I trailered it home to start the repairs and mods!:icon_thumby: It's a 3.0L V6 5 speed magnaflow exhaust some other goodies 6" lift and 33's on soft 8's. Warn manual hubs and James Duff bumper. Sure the body is rough, but the motor tranny and...
  8. blue88b2

    Bought another ranger project

    Bought another ranger project *more pics and bought axles* So I bought this ranger last night! The guy was asking $1000 for it last weekend. I asked him to hold it for me until Tuesday for $1100, which was awesome. So I trailered it home to start the repairs and mods!:icon_thumby: It's a...
  9. blue88b2

    My smoker

    Well sense there is this new forum for larger trucks!!! I guess i can show you all what i've been up to for the past year since rolling my ranger! 2001 Super duty Crew cab long bed F250 4x4 with off road package. Newer 7.3l Powerstroke turbo diesel motor has around 104,000 miles...
  10. blue88b2

    my roof rack

    here's the roof rack i'm building (basically done minus paint)... so far i've got 3 hours and $66 dollors into it. Dimensions are, 47" outside to outside width 68" outside to outside length 5" overall hight plate is 3/16" Tube is 3/4" sq .063 wall -Jason
  11. blue88b2

    my 97 explorer updates

    Well here we are as of today! Just finished up the bumper and tire rack yesterday and got the grill Painted and put back on. Still working on the roof rack. And also got the 16x8 soft 8's yesterday! they are used with 31" swampers. But not for long. the 35's in my shed are for a 16" rim now...
  12. blue88b2

    steering extension

    Alright, my question is.. what it the difference in steering shafts between 1 and 2 gens too 95-97? I have been looking at body lifts for a long time and the price is way higher for the 95-97 years (pa-853). I know they have bumper brackets, but i don't need those. was wonderng if i got the...
  13. blue88b2

    Air under the tires

    So the testing phaze of my bumper is complete, and i couldn't be more thrilled! It held up to one very good test out at my freinds farm! Also getting air uner the tires, or over?! yeah, the canopy added some COG to the rig, so now i'm either gonna just slap another cab on there, or try to...
  14. blue88b2

    a step closer

    so i got the rear springs installed, they're 4" lift springs for a half ton dodge with two leafs removed. they're just a few inches longer than stock, but the center bolt is offset a little different. They flex amazingly great and lift the rear to about 6 -7" Got rid of the stacked blocks and...
  15. blue88b2

    wagy dana 44 axle perchs

    so on this wagoneer dana 44 i picked up, the spring perches are on the bottom of the axle, and the driverside one is cast into the diff. what are some ways to flip them to spring over axle with out widening the distence between the springs? thanks -Jas
  16. blue88b2

    Finished tube bumper

    well it's done.... for the most part. I'm going to mill out a winch plate and fab in a skid plate after i get the Dana 44 in. the reason for waiting is to connect the skid plate to the crossmember that'll be between the leaf spring perches up front. and not quite knowing where they will be...
  17. blue88b2

    things to come...

    building a front bumper, already posted in the body armor forum, but figured in posting here too, i got a better pic. It's 1 5/8 CQ without the Galv finish. just useing drop from various jobs and making it after work at our shop. I've been putting it off for so long, andnow it's nearly...
  18. blue88b2

    1984 jeep dana 44 with amc 20 solid axle

    can somebody tell me the options for stock gears it the year 1983-84 for jeep wagoneer dana 44 with rear amc 20 solid axle. Or tell me where to go to find out. THanks!!! Found a set but don't know the gearing, how common are gears and carriers for these? -Jason
  19. blue88b2

    started bumper

    Started this after work yesterday at our shop. Been saving up meterials just for months now just never had time or drive to start on it, now it's almost done and i'm wondering why i procrastinated so long. heres a few camera phone pics I know they're hard to see, but i'm using 1 5/8 CQ...
  20. blue88b2


    So i'm almost done with the snorkel. just have to plumb in the axle breathers, and put on more permanant brackets to hold it on the pillar. then it's on to electrical sealing, relocating and the search for cheap electric fans or fan. I made it from 3" ABS plastic and premade elbows with one...