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  1. 97 Front Rotor Thickness

    What is the minimum thickness for a 1997 XLT 2WD front rotor? Chilton's says look on the casting but it's too rusted to read.
  2. Intermittent High Idle

    My 97, 125K has an intermittent high idle, usually in the morning after I exit the highway going to work. I have shut off the engine in the parking lot, restart and things went back to normal. This morning, happened again and disconnected IAC valve wire and idle returned to normal. Plug it back...
  3. Seafoam Danger!

    I would like to offer some information I got from my brother who worked for AutoZone (and now O’Reilly’s) as a commercial parts driver. He talked to a few professional mechanics that performed the Seafoam cleaning by adding it directly to the intake manifold via vacuum hose. A few said they...
  4. That darn Prestone!

    Last spring I did the complete flush & fill on my Ranger, including changing all hoses, heater valve, pump (just as a precaution). Used the Prestone “All makes and Models” extended life a/f. Ever since, there has been a very slight wetness around the trans cooler fittings on the radiator. Ditto...
  5. Surge at idle when cold

    Lately, my engine has been surging at bit at idle before fully warm. No codes. Runs well after heat-up. IAC valve?
  6. Hard Start

    Recently my Ranger is hard starting, especially after sitting hot for a few hours. It can take over six cranks to turn over. Once going, it runs like a champ. In the past 8 months I have changed: - spark plugs and wires - cam synchro and position sensor - all other normal maintenance like air...
  7. Is Radiator Fixable?

    I just did a major replacement of the cooling system components - hoses, water pump, HCV, etc. I put in the Prestone extended life coolant and all was well for about three weeks. I noticed a few days ago a wet spot on the driveway...it was coolant coming from the transmission cooler connections...
  8. TDC for 3.0

    Are there any marks on the crank pulley for TDC?
  9. Cam Synchronizer Bad

    Hello everyone! I am new here am this is my first post! Well, on to it then... My 97 Ranger 3.0L (115K) got the P0340 OBD code yesterday - cam sensor fault.:dntknw: I took the old sensor off and the inside had disintegrated! In fact the magnet had fallen off and bent the carp out of the rotor...