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  1. How to cgange your rear spring shackles and hangers

    Since I was doing these I thought I would Submit a how to. First off the parts. I bought these kits off ebay. At 43.95 a side its way cheaper than ford and includes the bolts. Even though they are made in China(and I'm pro american) the Ford ones are definatley junk! Both sides shipped to my...
  2. How To Add foctory power doors

    Original Poster: John H. AKA wvcat Difficulty: 7 out of 10 Time to install: Approximatley 6-8hrs Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and following...
  3. Ranger 15 & 17

    I read posts daily but don't post alot. Just thought I'd share. As you can tell by my sig I have been messing with Rangers for a while. I bought number 15 rolled and did a body swap. The gold body I bought without a title and the truck had a reconstructed title anyway so I did a quick swap...
  4. Help this truck is ugly!

    I picked up this project truck and will be painting it soon, probably next week. I would like to keep some green (not likely to be the same shade)because of the jamms/engine compartment,... anything goes. I was thinking two tone with black over green or green over silver or green with stripes...
  5. Almost done pics...almost...new paint!

    Thought I would pic whore my new paint. I will be putting this up for sale within a week or so but its not a classified (mods please don't delete) If any ones interested pm me or email me at jph26047@comcast.net I still have a few little things to do but she's looking good!
  6. A few pics from today

    Brian and his girl Lisa, Scott, and I played with the trucks today...
  7. The Bronco2 they should have made

    Just screwing around with photoshopping....Somebody make one of these!!!
  8. Some new paint & some buffing!

    I finally got the project truck painted. Unfortunatley the paint didn't come out as good as I would have liked it. Usually I don't have to do much buffing but this time I either had to buff or repaint due to a few runs and orangepeel...#$@%$#@ As painted I use 1000 grit on runs...
  9. Driveways full of rangers again..lol

    Just took a couple pics this evening. I'm tired of moving vehicles around...lol
  10. Picked up a hillbilly cadillac today

    wasn't sure where to post this... A lil wax and some window cleaner and she'll be just like new!!!
  11. Next-picked up another 2000

    I picked up this wrecked 2000 yesterday. Plans are to put it on an edge frame and convert it to 4wd as funds allow. The front is wrecked so I have to decide what year I want it to look like. Here is the only pick right now but I will add some more.
  12. Air bag question

    Does anybody know if I can use 2004 air bags with a 2000 controller? Even if you know where I can get information on air bags maybe I can find an answer. I want to use newer air bags for the newer look(plus I already have them) TIA John
  13. My current project 56k beware!

    I thought I'd show some progress on my project truck. Well I picked up this jewel with a good drivetrain, frame, and clean title. 4.0 5sp took the body off... Then I picked up this donor body(no title) then I swapped the body out I needed some parts so I hit certifit up trial fit them...
  14. My latest 2 projects...lol

    Since I am on here all the time I thought I'd post a couple of my latest projects 98 2.5 auto XL- was supposed to have a bad trans...needed a front seal 2000 4.0 5 sp ext cab XLT- rolled- will be getting a body Of course my driver 99 with edge front end
  15. Pittsburgh meet may 17 pics! 56k beware

    Every couple weeks about 5 or 6 of us with rangers from the other site have been meeting up for some 4 wheeling. If anybody's interested we are planing a meet in Jeanette on may 17th. Here's a few pics from our other meets. Enjoy!!! John
  16. 99 front driveshaft assembly?

    On my project truck the front drive shaft has been off for a while, and the cage and the balls have come out. Does any body know the proceedure to reassemble the joint or atleast the sequence of the parts to assemble it? TIA John
  17. Just an update on my project truck

    Just an update on my project truck. It always seems to take longer than you think wjhen your doing bodywork. I am hopeing to have the garage cleaned up and some paint on this weekend. Working a couple hours a night is slow. John
  18. My project lots of pics 56k beware...lol

    I've been hanging around for a while without posting much. Thought maybe you guys would like to see my current project(I always have atleast one...lol) The wrecked truck: The parts truck(no title): Getting started: She was hit hard!: Out with the old: The tear down: Transfering parts...
  19. I need the wiring for o2 sensors

    I am building a truck right now. My exhaust is 2001 and my wiring is 1999. The plugs are different on the o2 sensors. I don't want to go and buy 3 new sensors so I need to wire them up but don't know which color wires go together. TIA John