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  1. lost my Haynes book

    Just a question I salvaged a egr block off plate off a 1990 2.9 and plan on putting it on my 87 2.9 what will be the benefits or negatives of it be also do I need a spacial tool to change my wheel bearings on a 87 b11 i heard you have to have a spacial socket or what not
  2. tranny swap

    Will a Trans out of a1990 bronco 11 work in a 87 bronco 11
  3. damn transmissions

    How hard is it to tear down a tranny out of a 87 b11 and scrap to identical one with different problems to make one good one I'm at my wits end dealing with used trannys in and out in and out driving me crazy i just want to get a decent one in there and be done with it and nut have to worry
  4. ect and act location

    On a 87 2.9 liter fuel injected is the ect located right above the thermostat and is the act sensor located on the passenger side of the intake manifold
  5. wtf tranny

    So I bought a 87 b2 for 300 engine runs amazing but needed a tranny replacement used one came with it turns out tail housing is 2.5 inches longer than the original with leads me to believe it cam from a extended cab ranger but it mounted up just fine with a shortened drive shaft but once I got...
  6. wider stance

    What would be a good cheap set of offset Rims to give my bronco a wider stance without doing a solid Axel swap
  7. engine issues

    Another question my engine dose not run well at low rpm it sputters and surges until I put the hammer to the floor and then it goes real good I can't pin point the cause I replaced o2 sensor and new plugs and wires also a new egr sensor and fuel filter idk what else to look into maybe timing but...
  8. 4 inch lift kit instalation

    I have a question i just recently purchased a rough country lift kit for my 87 Bronco2 comes with the extended Pittman arm and the nitro shocks about how long should it take to install and will I need to get new longer drive shafts keep in mind this is my first lift kit ever kinda been in a hole...