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  1. Dalpilot

    Damn, I have some work to do.

    Damn! I got some work to do.
  2. Dalpilot

    Deranged going to Pinks all out Houston

    Well, I guess were committed now. LOL Just got 2 competitor tickets for Pinks All Out Houston on Oct-15,16. Wideopen, (Phil Baker) and I both hit the registration this morning at 10 am sharp. So we have a lot of work to do.....like everything. :doh: . I hope I don't fukk it up for all of...
  3. Dalpilot

    Deranged The rebuild begins, at Texas Diesel Power!

    Well unfortunately, due to "Unforeseen Circumstances" beyond my control, the Ranger motor is in need of being torn down to bare block and rebuilt. I started this thing nearly 3 years ago, with the intention of it being ready for TS.....I just didn't know I was gonna miss that deadline twice...
  4. Dalpilot

    The first Deranged "OH CHIT, I am gonna die" moment.

    Well everyone has that moment where you realize A: My heart rate just found 400BPM, B: I am a complete retard, and C: Please god make it stop. My first one in the Ranger was today. I was playing with the brakes, as the 3rd and different master cylinder seems to be leaking out the rear of...
  5. Dalpilot

    Did they make a manual brake version in 05ish?

    Did the Ranger even have an option for a manual brake system in the past few years. If not when did they stop?
  6. Dalpilot

    Diesel ranger runs....VIDEO

    I think I am gonna cry. LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De4eos0RfE8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKtzGnZRyqE
  7. Dalpilot

    My old rag

    [/IMG] 581 HP of daily driving fun. Not bad for an 03.
  8. Dalpilot

    Diesel powered, ALL FORD 05 Ranger

    Well this is my first post, and I am almost finished, but figured I would throw this out there. I have an 05 STX that I have swapped a 1000+ hp, (slightly moddified:icon_rofl: 6.0, (now 6.1) liter powerstroke into. Been working on it for about 2 1/2 years. Back halved, 4link, 100% custom...