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  1. BigJohn76

    What the...?

    A direct quote from the manager at work, "What the hell is a Flat Allis?" I work in a shop where we make tile plows and stringer trailers. On mondays we have a meeting after break to talk about the upcoming projects. Our most recent project is to put a plow on the back of an Allis dozer...
  2. BigJohn76

    I got bored yesterday

    I came home for a while to help out around the shop and i got bored. Ive always had an idea for a grille guard that i wanted to build but have never gotten around to it, until now. I used some scrap 3" square galvanized we had lying around and got out my welder and went to town. I dont...
  3. BigJohn76

    Wow, just wow

    http://siouxcity.craigslist.org/cto/2581981927.html why swap for a 2.9 instead of just going with a 4.0
  4. BigJohn76

    Maverick fenders

    I will be getting a 73 Maverick Grabber from a friend of mine for free. he pissed off his step dad who has the car sitting in his pasture and was going to scrap it. i am saving it from the crusher. my problem is that it has rust all over it. the front fenders are bad and the back quarters...
  5. BigJohn76

    Dumb Question

    We just ordered lube oil for our punch press at our shop and it is Mobil DTE B B 50 weight. My question is since we have a 5 gallon bucket of it and we will never use all of it, can i use it in my 1997 7.3 Powerstroke? Im thinking not but i just wanted to check to make sure im stupid before i...
  6. BigJohn76

    Sophie Mae Taylor 6/16/10

    Shes mine but shes not mine. I met the girl when she was already a month pregnant and i fell in love with her. I'm going to help raise the kid as my own. She was 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 20 inches long at 4:28 am 6/16/10
  7. BigJohn76


    Mother nature can give some wonderful shots. the weather had been clear here for a while so when i got the chance to see some neat clouds, i had to take pictures.
  8. BigJohn76

    Accused of being a mall crawler

    a guy at school told me that my truck was worthless because it never went off road and the only dirt on it was from gravel roads. I proved him wrong. i think he was impressed.:headbang:
  9. BigJohn76

    rattle can

    i found out that i suck at painting with the rattle can. got a tool box for the big truck and painted it black. it doesnt look too bad, but no one needs to get close enough to see how awful it is. then after that i got ambitious and painted the front end of my blue truck. its only been...
  10. BigJohn76

    Need a Ford Tech

    Does anyone know how much oil pressure is needed to start a 6.0 Powerstoke? the guy at the dealership said 1200 but i dont think thats even possible
  11. BigJohn76

    moms sploder

    99 xlt 4.0 4x4 power everything. she loves it and says she will never want another minivan again.
  12. BigJohn76

    blowing fuses

    97 250 7.3 PSD auto i keep blowing the fuse for the dash, parking, and taillights. it is supposed to be a 25 amp fuse but when the first blew i put in 30s and this last time seemed to last a while but it did it again tonight. i put in a sony cd player that would dim when the lights were...
  13. BigJohn76

    69 Ford XL

    i just picked up this beauty for $500. its a 1969 Ford XL fastback with a 302 auto. the interior is absolutely amazing. and a pic of the girl that hates it.
  14. BigJohn76


    So i traded the Ranger for a 97 F-250 7.3 Powerstroke auto 4x4. I miss the ranger but damn is this thing fun. I figured i should wash the girls and take some pics.
  15. BigJohn76

    6.9L Help

    i have a 83 6.9 IH diesel in my truck and now it is acting funny. the other day from practice i noticed it running hotter than it usually does. i figured it was just because it was hot out. i checked the radiator the next day and it was full. went to practice and it started getting even...
  16. BigJohn76

    new lights

    finished putting the rest of the lights on the roll bar on the 150. i got a little camera happy but since it was out, i figured i would take pictures. Frampton. a little flex behind the shop.
  17. BigJohn76

    All Ford Show today, lots of pics

    Went to the all Ford show today at Sioux Falls Ford. i had to take Frampton cause the blue truck is dead and 2 different colors, the ranger is dead and has a flat tire and my mom had the sploder. got lots of pics. this little bastard beat me out for third place, i was pissed. now for...
  18. BigJohn76

    92 s10 blazer wont run

    i have a 92 s10 blazer with the 4.3 Vortech. it will turn over but it will only start once and then not again for the rest of the day. Park is shot on it so when it starts it wants to go into reverse. it did this before and it wasnt a problem. i got the oil changed on it and it started...
  19. BigJohn76

    gotta show off the babies

    98 Ranger 83 F-250 95 F-150 Ranger and 150 together 51 Ford Custom
  20. BigJohn76

    6.9 Tranny swap

    what 5 speed tranny can i swap into a 83 250 with the 6.9? It already has a 4 speed but it seems like it needs one more gear. is this a good thing to do or not?:icon_confused: Help please.