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  1. YankeeRose76

    "New" Daily 4x4 has had the front drive shaft removed.

    I bought a 99 Ranger XLT 4x4 very recently. ( Stupid cheap) It has had the front drive shaft removed for some reason. There are no codes from the 4wd system at this time, and it seems to be functional other than the missing driveshaft. Why would someone have done this? I am thinking that there...
  2. YankeeRose76

    Hello All!

    seems every time I look up something on my Ranger online, it leads me here, so...... here I am. running a 92 Ranger 2.3L manual tranny 2wd. (my 2nd one of these in a row....) It is relegated to back up vehicle for fun fishing & camping excursions due to it not having proper working A/C. A/C is...