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  1. rngrracing96

    Wanted 83-88 STX Grill and Badges

    Looking for the 1st Gen STX grill. Pictured below Also would like the STX badges on the bedsides. Located in NH willing to travel a little ways for it.
  2. rngrracing96

    88 ranger with 80s color scheme

    I would buy this just for the interior if I could! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/195065421604161/
  3. rngrracing96

    Wanted 2nd gen 4.0 manual 2wd

    ISO 1990-1992 Ranger 4.0 2wd manual trans. Very specific because I am doing a swap with a 1986 2.9 2wd manual. Looking for a complete truck, but will consider stand alone engine, harness, trans ect. Located in NH but open to traveling for a good donor vehicle.
  4. rngrracing96

    1st Gen weird roof spoiler

    Saw this on FB marketplace. Never seen one before. Its for a single cab. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/213894246338223/
  5. rngrracing96

    Wanted Bronco II passenger seat bracket.

    Looking for the lift up style passenger seat bracket from a Bronco II. Let me know if you have one you dont want. Thanks
  6. rngrracing96


  7. rngrracing96

    Bronco II value help

    Need advice for a purchase price of a Bronco II. Its a 1988 xlt with a 4.0 ohv explorer swap 90k miles 5speed manual and manual locking hubs. Clean rust free body and frame. New brakes, tires. Dual exhaust and aftermarket stereo. Solid truck but does have a leaking rear main seal and a "better...
  8. rngrracing96

    WIY shock tower

    JD buckets: SOLD Weld It Yourself extended shock mount kit. For coil spring ford rangers, bronco ii, explorer. Last photo is an example of it put together. The parts are bare metal so it does have some surface rust. Easily come off with wire brush. $50 obo
  9. rngrracing96

    Ranger 83-88 4" lift beams

    SOLD please dwlete
  10. rngrracing96

    WTB 1983-88 ranger dash top

    Looking for first generation ranger or Bronco II dash, preferably in blue Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. rngrracing96

    2.9 JBA Headers, 2 sets EGR and Non EGR

    Sold. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. rngrracing96

    86 driveshaft spline count 2wd

    Quick question. I have an 86 ranger supercab 2wd 2.9l manual with TK5 transmission. Anyone know the spline count for the slip yoke on the 2 piece driveshaft? Looking to do the aluminum shaft. But want to make sure it will fit. I know the 98+ aluminum shafts for 2wd manual are 28 spline. Thanks...
  13. rngrracing96

    What is this called and what are they made of?

    Its a very simple piece seen on trophy trucks a lot. Its the black plastic/rubber/fiberglass guard under the bumper, but I have no clue what its called. The reason I ask is because I am hoping to make a bumper almost identical to this one (see picture below) with that lower black piece. I think...
  14. rngrracing96

    1986 Ranger Prerunner in NH

    Ooook so I have had this truck for about 3 years now. Unfortunately between school and work I haven't had much time to get this truck where I wanted it to be by now. So I am beginning a new build thread as motivation to keep me working on this baby. Here it is from the start to the present Few...
  15. rngrracing96

    6" lift beams for 1st gen!

    I picked up these first gen lift beams plus all the other suspension in the pictures plus a drop pitman arm and extra steering box. I think i got a great deal but have just never seen these beams before. Hoping someone can id these beams for me.
  16. rngrracing96

    Quick question about new diff cover.

    Alright I got a new diff cover from Solid Axles for an 8.8. After I installed it my truck wouldnt roll. At first I thought the ebrake was stuck, but turns out the ring gear was hitting the inside of the diff cover. Pictures below with problem area circled. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!
  17. rngrracing96

    99 8.8 in a 86 now what drive shaft?

    I recently swaped out my 86 7.5 axle for a new 99 8.8 ranger axle. I want to do the 1 peice driveshaft swap aswell. Ive looked through the forums and in the tech secion but im still a little confused as to which shaft i need. My truck is a 86 ranger supercab 2wd manual so what will fit? Thanks
  18. rngrracing96

    7.5 right?

    Is this a axle 7.5 i looked in the tech library, and it seems to be one but the junk yard said it was an 8.8 maybe they made a mistake?
  19. rngrracing96

    autofab or custom?

    Hey I was hoping someone could help me on making this desision. I am looking to purchase a long travel beam kit. I am leaning toward the 2wd kit from auto fab. ive heard good things about them but at around 3000 it seems steep. I also found in the classifieds at race dezert, custom beams and...
  20. rngrracing96

    what gears

    hey trying to figure out what size gears i have in my 86 ranger. theres no inspection tag, but it has 195 on the diff. any ideas??