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  1. Daniel C

    Fall Upstate SC meet!

    Its probably past due for an upstate meet again.. Probably the same deal.. food, junkyard run, cracker barrel and beer? A date has been set: Saturday, November 12... 11 am. Heritage Park 310 West Curtis Street, Simpsonville, SC 29681-2519 These meets are always a good time, so let's get it...
  2. Daniel C

    Daniels build thread.

    Well I have a build thread on FRF and RPS. So why not over here on TRS. I seriously need to make one of these sites my home. But I can't cause I love all of them. I have a few photos of what my truck looked like when i bought it 4 years ago september. October 2005: Panisonic head unit, 4...
  3. Daniel C

    From solid to slider.

    I didn't know where to put this so I hope this is ok. So I got a freebie a few months ago. Just now getting the balls to install this. It's honestly not that bad. I'd rather do this than change a flat tire. IT's about an hrs worth of work. But I enjoyed it. I got to wrench on the Ranger today...
  4. Daniel C

    Picture Request All those Lifted 2WDs

    So where are all the lifted 2wds, Im going to lift my 2wd. I'm gonna do a 3 inch bl and some 31's on 15x8s.
  5. Daniel C

    Greenvilles second annual Ranger meet.

    So it's almost that time again. Were gonna start preparing for Greenville's second annual Ranger meet at Paris mt state park. We will be meeting up taking pics and shooting the shit. There is a movie theater across the street. Downtown is about 3 miles down the road. We have a Five guys...
  6. Daniel C

    Im representing TRS. Are you?

    Just wanted to show everyone what i got in the mail yesterday. Yeap my TRS t-shirt and my sticker. The first one is the sticker. And here is a Front shot of my shirt. And a back shot. As soon as the hoodies become available i want to get a zip up hoodie. These shirts are so...
  7. Daniel C

    Mod day!!!!!!

    Well me and Rangerman4158 aka Brent have a all day MOD DAY coming up saturday 1-2-2010. And i thought this would be a pretty cool thread to make. If you have a mod day coming up, or have had a mod day with a buddie or a few friends post up what you did and if you have before and after pictures...
  8. Daniel C

    New mod

    Got my christmas present from rangerman4158 yesterday. I got a steel tailgate handle. My other one was broke off. It was also plastic. So anyways Thanks brent for my tailgate handle. And now onto the pic Im thinking about night shading my 06 tails what you guys think.
  9. Daniel C

    My how to install explorer/Mountainieer steats in a single cab ranger.

    Well me and rangerman4158/brent are installing 2000 Mercury mounty seats. Powerd/heated seats. In my single cab ranger. As we all know they will not fit directly bolted up. The seat tracks on the mounty seats are too short. Weve figured out a way to make the seat tracks work. I dont have all the...
  10. Daniel C

    Retarded pliceofficer

    I dont know if this has been posted on the site or not, but here ya go. CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT U'LL LYAO
  11. Daniel C

    Rangerdriver99's Build thread

    Alright. I guess i'll go ahead and make this my build thread. Any modding i do i will post up in this thread plus pics. There will be a crap load of pics. Anyways on to my story. My truck is a 1999 Ford Ranger 3.0 automatic. I have had her for 4 years. Since september of 2005. When i bought her...
  12. Daniel C

    MMMM.... Leather

    Got some new seats about a week ago. Gonna have to do some fabbing this coming weekend. Brent aka rangerman4851 has to wait on his welder to come in this week. He has to cut off the holes of the bracket on the back and add a peice of steal to make the track longer to bolt the tracks down. Then...
  13. Daniel C

    Need help wiring up my electric seats/butt warmers

    Ok i need some help! I searched all over the forums and could not find anything about how to hook up powerd/electric seats to your ranger. Mines a 1999 single cab. Im trying to figure out what wires go to what. I can get a photo of the wireing harness tomorrow. The seats came out of a 2000...
  14. Daniel C

    So i got this, this past weekend.

    MY OHC finally came this past weekend. Edit: And my Maglite clips are going in tomorrow too. Im thinking about the A pillar
  15. Daniel C

    South Carolina Meeting!!!!!

    I am setting up a meeting for November 8th 2009th for Fordrangerforums.com Rangerpowersports.com and Ranger-forums.com Now im posting over here. I want to see as many rangers lowerd lifted and inbetween. Were meeting in Greenville, S.C. on Haywood rd at the Haywood mall on the Sears side of the...
  16. Daniel C

    I wanna lift my 2wd

    Hey guys im new to the forums but not rangers. I have a question. I wanna lift my ranger 6 inches suspension lift. I have the coils up front and the hangers in the rear. What are my options and how much is it gonna cost me in parts and wheels and tires. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  17. Daniel C

    my wheels

  18. Daniel C

    new from Greenville south carolina

    Whats up fellas im new from Greenville South carolina and my mods are in my sig oh and a couple of pics