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  1. fleck

    anyone know what else will fit my truck?

    got a 94 b3000 stick shift (m5r1) was wondering if there are any other compatible trannys.
  2. fleck

    trans clickty clacking, 'clunked' today stopped shifting, but...

    hey guys, so a few days ago my transmission started to rumble a little going into first gear unless i gave it a good bit of gas. after a while it started clickity clackin, again going into first gear, sometimes randomly. there is also like a rubbing that goes away when i push in the clutch...
  3. fleck

    Oh, no...

    The tensioner assembly came flying out the bottom of my truck today. I guess we didn't have it tightened in there well enough. I think it actually got loose over time and it snapped today. Now I have to drill the fuggin stud out of the bracket. Hey, good times, all! Has anyone replaced...
  4. fleck

    Tip for those of you who unRAR big things.

    If you've done what I did and upgraded your computer to something twice as fast, you may have noticed that RAR files will always be limited by your hard drive speed. My proc doesn't even scale above 1.8GHz (It's a 2.8@3.4) when extracting RAR files. Why? WinRAR copies files to a temp folder...
  5. fleck

    Electricians!: Need help on re-wiring some fans.

    Alright, so as I have mentioned before (I think), I am still using a plain vanilla case from before they even came in black. I have been running it without panels or fans and I finally decided to put it back together. Here it is in all its enemy-to-heat glory: Alright, so I am now planning...
  6. fleck

    Now it's blowing air while accelerating

    Alright, what did I break while installing the new plug wires? :dunno:
  7. fleck

    New wireset has fixed my post-Seafoam issues

    I guess it was just one of those coincidences after all, the wires were way too lose when we put the plugs on anyway. Why do family members and mechanics suggest just 'crimping' the wire when they know I've got money and want to do this right? New wires, no more bucking or tach jumping all...
  8. fleck

    Which spark plug wires, distributor cap & rotors are the best?

    Another one for the 'what's the best to use with my truck' series of threads, I will be doing these 3 items soon and was wondering what everyone suggests. I don't want any fake 'performance' products with bloated prices, I want to get the regular priced stuff (not necessarily 'cheap', even...
  9. fleck

    If you're upgrading, don't do what I did.

    OK, so about two years ago, I wanted to get something better than my Athlon 2200+ system with a GeforceMX400 video card. There were a couple of games that I had interest in so I just had to upgrade. First I found myself a deal on an Athlon 64 3200+ bundled with motherboard and support for my...
  10. fleck

    Question about doors

    Since the Body forum is a desolate wasteland... 'Can I plug-n-play doors with electronic controls to my truck with manual everything or if it would be easier to swap the internals? There are a couple of Ranger 99 or 00 doors going for cheap locally but they are electronic and I was wondering...
  11. fleck

    I need donations.

    Supercharged 3.8 on sale for $500, send me some money and I'll let you drive it when it's done.
  12. fleck

    Question about doors

    Alright so I already found out that the Ranger and B series doors are the same pretty much from 92 to 2002 or whenever, but I have another couple of questions. First I was wondering if I can plug-n-play doors with electronic controls to my truck with manual everything or if it would be easier...
  13. fleck

    Weird tach behavior after Sea Foam

    So ever since I Sea Foamed the truck she seems to be running a whole lot better and like I said before basically ripping through the higher RPM range like it's none of your business. But I have noticed something strange happening that I hadn't quite noticed before. First, when idling, the tach...
  14. fleck

    Oh yeah, Sea Foam!

    I did the all around Sea Foam treatment yesterday. Today my truck is ripping through the higher RPM range, it's insane. Do I recommend Sea Foam? **** yeah I do.
  15. fleck

    truck still dying, fuel pump fails to engage

    so last night the truck died after driving it around in the rainy streets. i covered about 10 miles around town in a half hour, then parked in front of the house, and after a couple of minutes of idling the truck died. it was the first time it died in a quiet place so i could hear now that the...
  16. fleck

    Engine cutting out solved? Can someone tell me where this ground wire goes?

    There is a ground wire on the firewall coming out of the left hand side of a silver device. It was just dangling on the firewall, cut loose from wherever it was, down next to a white plug by the exhaust manifold. I wrapped it around the spark plug wires and drove it around and it is done...
  17. fleck

    Engine cuts out, takes lots of cranking to turn back on.

    Truck runs rather well, uses up a little too much fuel but it has big tires and I run it hard. The fuel filter and pressure regulator have been changed. After I changed my PCV valve I thought the problem was gone, one day it wouldn't start and I came out and saw the PCV outside of it's hole...
  18. fleck

    Truck shut off a few times while running, now won't start.

    Hi I have a 93 B3000 and it has shut off a few times while running. It took a few times of cranking each time to get it going, but it started up. I went to Wal-Mart last night and it is still parked there because it will crank but not go. I'm wondering if someone has hopes that this isn't...