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  1. alaskan155

    a4ld argggggg.

    well i bought this 94 explorer(230k miles1 owner kept stock)/ rebuilt trans in the last 4 years), its driving me nuts. everytime the converter locks up in 3rd or OD on the highway(usually around 50-60 it starts) it get a nasty vibration under the seat and i can't figure it out. as soon as i...
  2. alaskan155

    imgur hosting picture resize

    go to albums, click on image, and click edit image go to corner of image and change to like 853 x 480(1024 might work to), i find if you type 853 in and keep the box check it will automatically adjust the size, then click save. no need to change your links, it will update the in TRS...
  3. alaskan155

    Dora the Exploder

    well i wanted a little more interior room and more seats than the ranger, so as the wife calls her Dora the Explorer #projectpurplebackpack the build has begun:yahoo: a 1994 ford explorer Eddie Bauer with 228k on her i picked up for $750 bone stock Not to bad for stock but i can leave...
  4. alaskan155

    making the 4.0 ohv ecu stand alone

    does anyone have the pinout the 42 pin connector on the 2000 ranger 4.0 harness with the 5r55e and PATS?(might be close to the 5.0 harness in the 99-01 explorers) wondering how hard it would be to put into a 1st gen explorer for a project vs running the a4ld. that square one, i think it is...
  5. alaskan155

    Thinking of moving to Seattle area

    As title says thinking of moving out to the seattle tacoma area. What are the vehicle laws like out there I have a 02 f250 7.3 diesel and 00 ranger. Are there emissions? Will i have problems with my ranger running 35s/no bed?/ cut fenders? Can i remove the doors with no problems? Hows the...
  6. alaskan155

    why does the d/s drum brakes on a ford explode?

    any answer... My 2000 ranger just exploded on the driver-side my f250 did last year in the e-brake part(pin backed out) and a few years ago my buddy with a stock 2000 ranger 3.0 did the same thing.... i have even lost a tire on the D/S rear flat towing my old Bronco II:icon_rofl: ALWAYS...
  7. alaskan155

    hobart 210mvp

    I am looking at picking a welder up in the next month or 2. Have any of you tried the hobart 210mvp mig welder? I was wondering if it was a good welder or not. Looking into it for welding some d.o.m. tubing and doing my own sas/fabrication. The 110/220v combo was a plus for me but wondering...
  8. alaskan155

    project $1000 ranger

    project Broken Ranger(more of a carnage thread than a build thread) picked up this 2000 ranger thursday welll here is the before Currentish more to come, :thefinger: need to install my 12k badlands winch and possibly my sliders. also picked up a mini spool for the 8.8 but idk if i am...
  9. alaskan155

    2000 ranger or 88 bronco

    so i came across a complete 2000 ranger with the 4.0 OHV for a good price:headbang: xlt 4x4 extend cab etc. going to be picking it up at the end of the month and i have a 88 bronco with a pretty ruff body... on 35s 5.0 AOD, probably going to need a engine soon. i am thinking of fixing...
  10. alaskan155

    coyote ranger

    posted from fullsizebronco, though you ranger guys would like it. :icon_twisted: http://www.stangtv.com/features/car-reviews/project-spotlight-coyote-5-0-powered-ford-ranger-pickup/
  11. alaskan155

    pretty sad

    http://www.autoblog.com/2010/09/20/u-s-spec-ford-ranger-to-officially-end-production-in-2011-ford/?icid=main|main|dl4|sec3_lnk1|171681 :annoyed::sad:
  12. alaskan155

    35 inch tires 99 f150

    my new tires/rims hankook atms 315/75/r16 Unique(crager) soft 8s 16x8 3" body lift 2" torsion twist being fitted bronco ii will be getting the old 265/75/r16 still indebate if i want to run adapter for 5x4.5 to 5x135 so they both are the same or get some exploder 16x7 rims
  13. alaskan155

    not rbv but f150 1999 abs light

    i have a 99 f150 4x4, every once in a while if the rear tires loose traction(sometime not) the abs light will come on and stay on until i restart the truck then it will go out is the the rear vss sensor or something else? the pad them self look like that are at 40-45% also in the morning the...
  14. alaskan155

    tranny/overheat problem

    i have a 67 289 backed by a 90 aod has a explorer hd radiatior(new from ebay) and a ford taurus 3.8 electric fan between the radiator and grill wired in reverse to push air into the radiator the problem after 20mins (maybe 15 or so) the engine overheats causing the radiator coolant to boil...
  15. alaskan155

    what to do :icon_confused:

    i have a 1999 f150 with an oil leak on the back of the ps head of a 5.4 with 67k miles on it no warranty bought it 3 months ago, 5k miles ago replaced all the topend gaskets including the ds head gasket already made leak worse my option mill the PS head down, replace head gasket, and have the...
  16. alaskan155

    fender cutting

    not mine but i thought it was interesting and be cool to adapt over to a ranger(or bronco ii in my case http://www.fullsizebronco.com/forum/showthread.php?t=104994
  17. alaskan155

    99 f150 aux fuel tank ?

    could a rear tank from a 92-96 f150 or FS bronco fit where the spare tire is on 99 f150 ext ccab short bed or would it hand down to much? my 06 v6 had a 26.5 gallon tank, and this 5.4 has 25 gallon tank, and i do alot of highway driving so i was just curious. would the old tanks sending unit...
  18. alaskan155

    traded the 06 in

    traded my truck in the other day, traded this: my 2006 v6 4.2l w/58,000 miles and 2wd manual everything bought back in 2006 new for loaded 1 Owner 1999 f150 with the 5.4:icon_hornsup: 4wd with 62k miles:headbang: so nice to have some power again, between the altitude, the 5,000lbs of the...
  19. alaskan155

    f-150 coils.

    was curious about some opinions, what size tire could i run with this setup and is it alignable(assume it is based of the tech article) says f-150 coils gave 3.75" of lift in the front and the explorer give about 2" and then a ranger lift block for the rest all attainable from the junkyard...
  20. alaskan155

    setting timing/mc 2150 carb

    i have a 67 289 in my bronco II, specs stock 2bbl 289. Duraspark conversion mc 2150 carb off a 351w has electric choke, and exhaust line runs to it. any how the questions. 1. timing, i dont have the pointer, but i am able to get it running, is there any way to set the timing by ear? 2. the...