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  1. triumphrider-1

    GM's new mid size Colorado/Canyon

    Thought it was kind of interesting to see, almost reminds me of a Honda Ridgeline. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/04/16/gm-small-pickups-on-way-in-2014/?intcmp=features
  2. triumphrider-1

    Weird weld on axle

    I'm in process of putting my 8.8 under the Ranger and figured while I was welding on the perches I would also weld the tubes to the pumpkin. My driver side axle to pumpkin: And how the passenger side started to weld: Any ideas what would cause the difference? I wire wheeled both sides...
  3. triumphrider-1

    7.5 Limited slip to open

    My truck started bucking pretty bad when cornering last night and this morning. So I checked the brakes then the diff; and have found my top spider gear to be "slightly trimmed" on half a dozen teeth. Is it possible to remove the S spring and pull the bad spider (or both) and run it as an open...
  4. triumphrider-1

    Warn's new ZEON winch with ranger

    I thought this was pretty cool. On warn's winch site the front picture is of a pre-runner Ranger with their new ZEON winch. I saw an ad in a couple of magazines with the same picture too. http://www.warn.com/truck/winches/line.shtml Thats all. :icon_twisted:
  5. triumphrider-1

    A note on exhaust back pressure

    This was in the latest issue of Hot Rod. Since this topic comes up every now and then, I thought some of you guys might be intereested in it.
  6. triumphrider-1

    Fabrication Supplies

    Just wondering where everyone gets their supplies (spools, rods, flap wheels, cut-off wheels, etc.) from. :icon_welder:
  7. triumphrider-1

    Open Office software

    Is anyone using open office software? What do you think of it? How does it compare to Microsoft Office? Any draw backs, dislikes, etc? Thanks.
  8. triumphrider-1

    Paypal question

    Is there a way I can do an invoice through paypal without having to pay the X% fee they charge? Thanks.
  9. triumphrider-1

    Norfolk Virginia

    Anybody in the area, or been there, know of some good places to eat, enjoy a beverage or ten, etc. I'll be heading down there next week and would like to hit some of the local restaruants (not all the big chain ones). Thanks. :icon_thumby:
  10. triumphrider-1

    '95 F-150 I6 no power

    I'm helping a buddy try to fix his truck. He replaced the head with a rebuilt unit he got from a company in Florida and has been having a hard time getting it back operational. The truck will idle fine, but has no power to drive around. We believe the truck to be aCalifornia truck, because it...
  11. triumphrider-1

    Wii and the internet

    Just wondering who has their Wii connected to the internet, and how you like. I am debating hooking mine up and getting a Netflix account for it; has anyone done this? I was told that the connection is rather slow. Thanks :icon_thumby:
  12. triumphrider-1

    Painting RC Bodies

    Has anyone used automotive paints like PPG to paint a body?
  13. triumphrider-1

    Whats a good video editing/playing software?

    Like the title asks, what is a good software (package) for editing and play back of video files? I have both HD and standard recorders, so I need to have one that can work with both. What do you guys have/use? Thanks
  14. triumphrider-1

    Tonneau cover protectant

    Curious to see what you guys use to protect yours. I was using Tonneau Magic, but everybody around here stopped carrying it. Thanks
  15. triumphrider-1

    boot gap

    So I picked up a '95 Ranger and have been fixing it up to re-sell it. One thing that keeps bugging me is the shifter and t-case boots do not goo all the way up to the shifter knobs (see picture). Whats pieces am I missing, or what can I do to not have those gaps? Thanks
  16. triumphrider-1

    PCI Express 2.0 compatibility with 16X

    I know that some graphics cards can "downgrade" to work with 16x, but where can I go to see if what I'm looking at will work with what I currently have? Thanks, Tim
  17. triumphrider-1

    Old Michigan video

    Thought this was intereting. I'm assuming its a promotional video for tourism. It was shot in 1949, before the highways. QMR7veI78f8
  18. triumphrider-1

    Another Dana 44 question

    Does anyone know the distance between the radius arm mounts (center -center) for the full-width axles from a '78-'79 F-150 or Bronco? Also, while I'm thinking about it; how far are the spring perches from the radius arm mounts (again center - center? Thanks
  19. triumphrider-1

    Opinions needed

    I've been eyeing up a Ranger for a while now to either purchase and use as a DD, or fix up and sell. As far as specs go for the Ranger it is: 1995 Ranger XL 4x4 198,000 miles on the odometer Regular cab short bed 2.3L with 5 speed transmission manual transfer case and hubs newer 30" x 9.5"...
  20. triumphrider-1

    Ford answers your questions

    I read this article in PETERSON'S 4 WHEEL & OFF-ROAD (February 2010 issue) and thought you guys might like it.