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  1. Max tire size with 4 inch lift?

    What gear ratio do yall recommend?
  2. Max tire size with 4 inch lift?

    I have an 03 XLT 3.0 and am putting a 4 inch lift on it. I was just curious what the max size tire I could put on it. I am thinking about getting some new wheels and am looking, I just want to know where my max is so I dont go too big and scrub like a mofo haha
  3. Stabilitrak?

    The Maxtrack spindle lifts have the mounting spots for the abs to go into. The stabilitrak crap is something different from what I've researched.
  4. Stabilitrak?

    Oh yeah for sure! haha Yeah I didnt put that across clearly. I was just assuming it was an upgraded traction control, but from the sounds of it its just a bigger hassle. Thank you for the help!
  5. Stabilitrak?

    Ok, thats what I was guessing, I just didnt want to make a wrong judgement and there wasnt anything talking about it online. Everything I saw was talking about I saw 2010 problems with stabilitrak so I put that together and just wanted to verify. Thanks! ....and yes lol I thought it related to...
  6. Stabilitrak?

    Maybe a dumb question, but how do you determine if your Ranger has stabilitrak or not? I am wanting to get a spindle lift and am just curious on if there was year it was introduced or not. I have an 03 Ranger 3.0 XLT