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  1. xkotyx

    truck wont crank with ignition switch

    Tying up loose ends on my 2.3 to 4.0 swap and i converted the 4.0 from an auto to a 5 sp in the process and at a standstill on my ignition. It cranks over and starts fine from the solenoid on the fender but it wont do anything when I turn the key over. All the gauges and accessories work so I...
  2. xkotyx

    need firewall wiring help

    I know there's an electrical section but this didn't seem to fit. I'm swapping out the 2.3 in my 91 ranger with a 4.0 from a 91 explorer. I need a wiring diagram for the connector on the firewall for both the ranger and the explorer. I checked with Ford but was told they only have them back to...
  3. xkotyx

    adjusting valves in a 2.3?

    is it possible? my valves are starting to rattle bad, not just tick. ive never done valves before so i looked it up in my haynes manual and it only shows a procedure for replacing them. the only engine that has an adjustment procedure is the 2.8. so are they adjustable or do you have to replace...
  4. xkotyx

    kidney stones

  5. xkotyx

    kidney stones

    your peehole? lol i was sore for about 2 days but i passed multiple. i had to go to the urologist for it and they decided to give me a testicular exam lol. it was a woman doctor. catch is, there was another woman in there training to be a doctor. so a woman did the exam while another one set...
  6. xkotyx

    clearance at lowes

    stopped in at lowes today for a couple drill bits and i was excited to find that the hitachi black gold metal/wood/plastic drill bits were on clearance for about half of the original cost. i dont know if they have this at all the lowes but its worth a check. most of the normal sizes were...
  7. xkotyx

    kidney stones

    thanks guys. and lol mark! im not sure, i asked her to but then for some reason my old lady gave her the wierdest look with her eyes. beats me lol
  8. xkotyx

    kidney stones

    and lol. but both trips to the ER, they made me give a urine sample and i had to wipe with a sanitary wipe before i gave the sample. i was scared of the said burning, so i just kinda dabbed carefully around it lol
  9. xkotyx

    kidney stones

    with me it feels like someone has put my kidneys in a big vice and they keep tightening it. like a tight, sharp, throbbing pain at the kidney area. and when they are trying to pass, it feels like i have to pee constantly (like every 30 min to an hour) but whenever i try only alittle bit comes...
  10. xkotyx

    kidney stones

    thanks guys. i fought them off today with the pain killers. i hate to be a pill popper but they work much better at preventing pain than stopping it. about every three hours (the bottle said every four), or whenever i would start to feel discomfort, id go ahead and pop one. it got me through the...
  11. xkotyx

    kidney stones

    i dont drink enough, im a tea freak. ive been working on the water thing though since this happened. trying to keep mostly water and juices in my body.
  12. xkotyx

    kidney stones

    i hate them. :bawling: they hurt soooo bad, it feels like my kidneys are in a vice right now. passed 2 thursday night/friday morning. went to the ER during this, gave me pain medicine and did catscans. found out i have more in both kidneys. i had 2 more movements after i left the hospital...
  13. xkotyx

    broken wire, fuel pump not coming on

    i was cutting some of the panel under the power distribution box yesterday. i had the box moved out of the way but it fell back into place and i cut one of the wires for a relay and nicked another. ive patched up the wires that i found cut. they were the ones routing to the middle relay on my...
  14. xkotyx

    need help with 5.38s in a d44

    thanks guys! just ordered it!
  15. xkotyx

    need help with 5.38s in a d44

    will my spider gears and shaft from my 3.72- carrier work on a 3.92+ carrier? or do i have to get a carrier with the guts too?