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  1. Xandor

    What would you say a truck like this is worth?

    I want a 4bt ranger badly and close on selling my house this week so I actually have money to buy one. I can't build one myself so my options are buy a built one, or pay a friend a decent rate to do a swap for me. So I'm guessing close to 10k for a build?:icon_confused: How much would you say...
  2. Xandor

    What's the best truck under 10k that gets 30MPG

    I'm looking for the best truck I could buy under 10k that gets 30MPG. Does it exist? I know I'd love to have a 2wd 4bt ranger but they are never for sale. Or a 2.3 turbo ranger but same problem. I keep coming up with nothing, something nice not worth less than 5 or 6k.
  3. Xandor

    Bugging Out / Survival

    No but I'll look it up tonigt in fact. Could you imagine if you lived in a big city like New York and an EMP went off? No water, or power. So many people would die so fast. Heck even in small towns spred out over miles many lazy people would die fast. Other than having a Ham Radio, 4X4, and a...
  4. Xandor

    Work related injury

    Anyone have any experience with getting hurt on the job? I have googled for a while but just get lawer adds... I'm looking for info for this because my stupid brother seems to only get and take bad advice. My brother works for coke. 2 months ago he was just picking up a 12 pack and something...
  5. Xandor

    You have got to see this ranger. So ugly

    http://bloomington.craigslist.org/cto/2529163987.html I can't think of any way to make it look worse.
  6. Xandor

    Drill or Tap flange?

    Well after 2 years of collecting parts I'm getting off the xbox and getting to work. Question: I'm changing my 7.5 to an 8.8, I know the pinion flange is bifferent, when people saw to drill new hole for it to fit do they mean to tap it? Seems to me it you would want a perfect fit with 0 play...
  7. Xandor

    Anyone used Hot Rod Flatz paint?

    I have just now found this paint and I'm in love with how it looks. Whenever I get my BII done I'm thinking this green color http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?t=242157&page=2 Also thinking of having my foxbody painted with there white paint.
  8. Xandor

    A good buy?

    I'm Going to go buy a dana 35 with 5.13's and a locker. An 8.8 with 5.13's and a locker also. Need this for my old BII. Comes with the shortend drive shafts and everything. All this for $400.
  9. Xandor

    Anyone know much about 1 gen broncos? pics

    I found this for 4k. Seems like a heck of a deal. Thinking of buying and putting on ebay. Runs drive well. Has a auto 302 from something else in the 70's. Not perfrect but nice, chips here and there, no rust. Is it worth buying just to try and make some money? I couldnt sit on it more than a...
  10. Xandor

    Ever seen a heep like this?

    http://bloomington.craigslist.org/cto/2464244963.html Never seen this done befor. I love it. Thinking of offering my mustang for it.
  11. Xandor

    92 STX body on a 88 frame?

    Some one I know bend the frame of the 92 STX I sold them. Body is still ok. 4.0 Anways he found a an 88 and asked me if it would work? I'm almost 100% sure it will work but I wanted to check. Thanks
  12. Xandor

    Stretched Bronco II

    I saw one a year or so ago online and now I can't find it anywhere. Its was only like 8-12in longer. It was white, I think it was in the snow maby? It was also 100% BAMF. Anyone know where this pic is?
  13. Xandor

    Check this out before it gets removed again

    For some reason youtube removed this video once and now its back. This poor big kid gets pushed to far. Rather epic. WdrzFRSBqpQ
  14. Xandor

    Someone trying to find there old ranger

    Love adds like these. Hope he finds it. http://louisville.craigslist.org/cto/2225440911.html
  15. Xandor

    Better buy tires soon.

    Tire prices are going to raise March 1st for all brands from 6-12% depending on the brand. This blows. As if the gas going up isnt killing us. http://www.tirebusiness.com/subscriber/headlines2.phtml?cat=1&headline=Goodyear+North+American+consumer+tire+prices+to+rise+March+1&id=1296770101...

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